Speakers (2016)

SoTeC has built a reputation over the past thirteen years for providing an environment for knowledgeable and interesting speakers to share their ideas and experience. The SoTeC 2016 Speaker Committee is dedicated to finding speakers who can cover a variety of technical, personal and leadership topics in an interactive and entertaining manner. Below you will find more information on the speakers and topics already confirmed for this year. Check back often a the speaker slate continues to grow!

Keynote Speakers

SoTeC 2016 Presentation Tracks & Panelist

Project Management/ Business Analysis Track

Quality Assurance/ITIL Track

Emerging Technology Track

Professional Development Track

Alliance Partners Case Studies Track

Getting to Heaven: Migrating to the Cloud Panel

Dmitry Erman
Executive Director, Development and Architecture
20th Century Fox

“The Evolving Role of the Business Analyst/Product Owner”

What does a PO/Business Analyst do when a project is following Agile methodology? Learn how they can be most effective in today’s Agile world and how well they contribute to the process and the daily stand-ups.

Dmitry is a solutions-oriented applications engineering specialist whose focus is enterprise consumer web applications. He’s the Executive Director, Development and Architecture at 20th Century Fox and manages a team of Developers, Scrum Masters and Architects spanning both Java and .NET platforms.
Dmitry is a graduate of Cal State Northridge.

Kevin Sahotsky
Sr. Director, Professional Services

“Enterprise SaaS Delivery”

As Internet-enabled technologies evolve, delivery of these solutions has adapted in highly complicated technological ecosystems. Software as a Service (SaaS) has exploded as the most dynamic model. SaaS is king. However, the use of on-prem solutions and custom builds are a major part of the overall industry architecture.

Enterprise integrations have also increased in complexity. To navigate this landscape, organizations have to be agile in their delivery and steadfast in their execution. Keys to successful implementation are consistent and standardized approaches to design, documentation, and communication, as part of well thought out methodologies. Internally this process requires perfect intersection of product and project delivery. This is done to accommodate the complex environment and achieve the best of both worlds. This will create a truly customer-focused delivery.

Kevin Sahotsky, Sr. Director, Professional Services, has been with Mediamorph for over three years and in software delivery for over ten years. In his current role, Kevin is responsible for implementation and product delivery, primarily on the East Coast of the US as well as abroad, with emphasis on iSaaS technology in the Media and Entertainment industry.

At Mediamorph, Kevin also manages an East coast delivery team and operates as SME for multiple Product work streams. Kevin has worked in large corporations to implement SaaS technologies and within large programs globally, as well as consulting and delivery for Fortune 500 companies, focused on operational transformation.

He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin in 2005 and an MBA from Northeastern University in 2013.

Lynda Murray-Thomas
Director, IT Solutions Delivery
NBCUniversal – Universal Studios Hollywood

“We Got This! Mastery of Project Management”

Methods for successfully managing and delivering projects with aggressive timelines, while maintaining project scope and budget.

Lynda is the Director of IT Solutions Delivery at NBCUniversal – Universal Studios Hollywood (USH). She leads system design and implementation teams responsible for developing and delivering e-commerce, mobile and other Sales and Marketing Systems for Universal.

a is currently an Educational Leadership Doctoral Candidate at California State University, Long Beach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Area Studies from USC and a Master of Business Administration in Information Systems Management from Cal Poly, Pomona.

Christopher Testa
Director of Information Technology & Data Analytics

“Business Process Improvement through User Experience (UX) Design”

An intuitive and effective user interface is not the only benefit of User Experience (UX) design. Learn how UCLA has employed UX design principles to improve stakeholder engagement, enhance the project management process and transform the organizational culture for teams and customers.

Chris is the Director of Information Technology & Data Analytics at UCLA, where he is responsible for IT strategy and operations for graduate education.
He holds a Masters in Information Studies from UCLA and has won several Webby Awards for web and digital media initiatives.

Melissa Hosboyar
First American Title

“Organizational Change Management for Project Managers”

• Defines Organizational Change Management (OCM) and discusses why it’s important to project success and how OCM can mitigate project risks.
• Learn about OCM tools and templates and how to gage when they may need OCM practitioner support.
• Understand John Kotter’s 8 Step Change Methodology and how it integrates with the Project Management Lifecycle.

Melissa is a skilled change management and organizational development consultant with more than 10 years of experience as both an internal and external consultant. She has led and managed various large scale change management and organization design & effectiveness efforts. Melissa excels at partnering with executive leaders to assess their organizational needs and achieve positive, measurable change for themselves and their teams.

Currently, Melissa serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at California State University, Long Beach and Alliant International University teaching “Organization Development” courses.

Yvonne Hull
Senior BA
Beachbody, LLC

“Increasing influence with your stakeholders: Practical steps to building a bridge of trust”

At the heart of increasing your influence is trust—trust that you will do a good job, meet your stakeholders’ needs, and roll out a successful project. So what practical steps can you take to increase your influence and build trust?

Learn how to boost your influence quota, including creating a strong physical presence and using language strategically. Participate in exercises to increase your influence IQ.

Yvonne is a Senior Product Manager and advocate of sustainable software development practices at Beachbody—the makers of P90X®, INSANITY® and other in-home fitness programs and supplements. During her 14-year tenure, she’s helped Beachbody grow from an unknown company of about 25 employees in one office, to an internationally recognized brand with over 1000 employees in five locations and several lines of business.

Yvonne has been a Business Analyst on many projects, including TeamBeachbody.com, the Coach Network, and the P90X app for the iPhone.

Vijay Chidambaram
Sr Project Manager
Capital Group

“Silent Killers Lurking in Your Project Management Plan”

Integrated problems, change and incident management helps prevent project management problems from happening and minimize the impact of incidents that can’t be prevented. This session explores the objectives of problem management and how the absence of such a plan could silently kill the stability of the infrastructure.

Vijay is a practicing IT professional with over 20 year of experience in the industry. He has been an application/database developer, project manager and involved in infrastructure management for premise and cloud.

Vijay’s technology portfolio includes Oracle, MSSQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Linux, VMware and ITIL.

Erika Cilengir
Senior Business Analyst
Beachbody, LLC

“Increasing influence with your Stakeholders: Practical Steps to Building a Bridge of Trust”

At the heart of increasing your influence is trust—trust that you will do a good job, meet your stakeholders’ needs, and roll out a successful project. So what practical steps can you take to increase your influence and build trust?
Learn how to boost your influence quota, including creating a strong physical presence and using language strategically. Participate in exercises to increase your influence IQ.

Erika is a Senior Business Analyst in the Strategic Initiatives group at Beachbody. She leads the efforts to define business requirements for large international expansion projects.

Raja Ammari
Senior Manager
Capital Group

“Transition Management aka “How to Keep Operations Happy””

Learn how Capital Group Companies addressed their pain points associated with the transition of a project from ideation to deployment and ongoing support. You will become familiar with Capital Group’s unique approach that includes an engagement framework for service delivery, a standardized set of operational requirements and the “wheel of accountability.”

Raja is a Senior Manager of Service Management at Capital Group Companies. He has over 20 years of IT experience that spans the entire IT lifecycle, including requirements gathering, development, systems support and relationship management.

Roc Paez
Senior Consultant
Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE)

“DevOps Primer 101”

DevOps connects Development (Dev) and Operational Support (Ops) teams together in an effort to keep up with the business demands for new functionality for applications and IT services. Learn the fundamentals of DevOps best practices and review key concepts which underpin DevOps.

Roc is a Senior Consultant for Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE). He has been with HPE since for over 20 years and has 30 years of IT experience. Roc’s experience includes systems and network administration, technical instruction and IT Service Management consultation.

Roc teaches and consults on service and process improvements, including the application of ITSM best practices from DevOps and ITIL. He holds a BS in Math/Computer Science and a specialization in Business and Administration from UCLA.

Jeremiah Jones
Manager, IT Solutions Delivery
Kinecta FCU

“Consumers of QA Artifacts: How to Present Test Results”

When a QA analyst is asked to create test cases or write issues, they often lack details of the requirement provided or it may not be clear. The goal of this topic is to know what to convey such that those needing the information can consume it and digest it with ease. Test plans may only be read by the QA/Project managers, the test cases are read by a smaller audience; however an issue that stops a production roll-out, goes up to everyone, including VPs to read and understand it. So how do we write, such that programmers, systems analysts and business analysts can get the information they need while understood by an Executive?

Jeremiah D. Jones is currently the Manager of IT Solutions at Kinecta Federal Credit Union where he oversees Change Management and Quality Assurance. Prior to this position, he led Testing teams at Electronic Arts and Activision and implemented Change Management practices for startups and dot-coms.

Jeremiah’s experience leads him to believe in the philosophy of “IT helping IT”. This means leveraging a best practice change process that collects configuration items and adheres to compliance that results to seamlessly moving changes to production. Furthermore, his creating automation in testing and release management solutions has resulted in efficiency gains and cost savings in his shop. He also feels that collaborating with business users and using common sense solutions, again aligned with best practices, ensures quality of software application implementation.

Mark Galligan
Senior Director, IT Infrastructure Services
First American Financial

“Evolution of an ITOM Practitioner”

Availability: Around the Clock and Around the World
Expectations: Perfection
Requirements: Diverse and occasionally conflicting
Change Rate: Constant
Tool Set: Complex and varied

Today’s Technology Operation has an ever-increasing complexity, demand and expectations. Information Technology Operations Management (ITOM) is top of mind for many IT leaders. Join us for a conversation about what successful ITOM practice looks like today and what it will look like tomorrow.

Mehrnaz is a QA Manager and has more than 12 years of experience in Information Technology and has worked in different roles within the software industry. She started her career as a network administrator. After acquiring her second BS in Applied Computer Science in Belgium, Mehrnaz worked as a business analyst and developer in a Belgian company where she first became obsessed with testing software and the quality of the deliverable.

Today, Mehrnaz continues to challenge the status quo and believes we should strive for making improvements every day.

Mehrnaz Sadolahy
Quality Assurance Manager
Tronc, Inc

“Influence of Quality Assurance on Organizational Culture”

We often ask, “What factors drive software quality?” But we rarely ask about the impact that good quality has on our organization. We focus so much on the testing strategies and automation vs. manual test topics that we usually forget about the cultural impact of quality. Quality is not only about testing, but something that should be built-in to the process.

Mehrnaz believes your QA team can change the culture of your organization and her presentation will shed light on what is often hidden and less discussed about the QA team. This presentation will change your perspective about the QA role.

Mehrnaz is a QA Manager and has more than 12 years of experience in Information Technology and has worked in different roles within the software industry. She started her career as a network administrator. After acquiring her second BS in Applied Computer Science in Belgium, Mehrnaz worked as a business analyst and developer in a Belgian company where she first became obsessed with testing software and the quality of the deliverable.

Today, Mehrnaz continues to challenge the status quo and believes we should strive for making improvements every day.

Mike Trimble
Management Instructor/Coach/Consultant
Transformational Leadership

“Lean Versus Six Sigma: Two Sides of the Same Coin?”

This session compares and contrasts the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Attendees will be better able to understand how they are different and what they share in common with each other, as well as the Agile, Critical Chain and “traditional” approaches to project management. How else can a person or organization decide if they are selecting the right approach for their projects, so as not to negatively impact project quality? And what about the possibility of taking a hybrid approach?

Michael G. Trimble is with the management training, coaching and consulting firm Transformation Leadership. This includes the ability to provide approved CA employers with state funded training. Mike has over ten (10) years of executive management experience, to include full profit and loss responsibility. He has led strategic business units with an international presence, programs valued in excess of $100 million, and complex cross-functional projects. Throughout his career he has used management best practices to achieve extraordinary results, while adding millions of dollars to the bottom line. When not on-site with corporate clients or government agencies, he can be found teaching project management for the College of Continuing and Professional Education at CSULB and Lean Six Sigma for Cal Poly Pomona Extension.

Mike Delgado
Director of Social Media & Community Engagement

“How Companies are Leveraging Live Streaming Video to Increase Reach, Nurture Customer Relationships, and Improve Reputation”

People spend three times as long watching live video compared to recorded video. And now it’s easier for companies to live stream with Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, Blab, Huzza.io, etc.

Learn how brands are leveraging live video technology to increase transparency, launch products, provide customer care, showcase company culture and build a thriving community. You’ll also see examples of how brands are leveraging in-the-moment video with Snapchat.

Mike is the Director of Social Media & Community Engagement at Experian. He leads content strategy and community building efforts on Experian social channels for B2B and B2C campaigns.

Michael also teaches social media strategy and social media marketing classes at the University of California, Irvine extension school and writes about social media strategy for brands atmikedelgado.org.

Galen Gruman
Executive Editor, InfoWorld, Editorial CTO, IDG US Media

” Digital Transformation; Let’s Go Beyond the Buzzword”

The “digital transformation” buzzword is back. But what does it really mean?
It shouldn’t merely be about computerizing existing processes and workflows like most “digital transformation” pitches. Instead, it should be about an architecture, process and product mentality that takes advantage of digital’s true difference: the fungibility, or mutability of product, service and process in ways not possible in the analog world.

This presentation will explore the many facets of digital transformation. Come and experience the magic!

Galen is Executive Editor for InfoWorld and is charged with analyzing the latest issues in mobile technology and user-facing technology. He is also the editorial CTO for IDG US Media, InfoWorld’s parent company and an adjunct analyst focused on mobility at IDC’s IT Executive Program.

Tamara Dull
Director of Emerging Technologies
SAS Best Practices

“What the [Bleep?!#] Am I Supposed To Do With All This (Big) Data?”

Last year, Big Data disappeared from Gartner’s Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle. What happened? Is big data even relevant these days? The answer is a resounding yes! In this session, we’ll take a 3-4-5 look at big data: 3 myths, 4 trends, and 5 questions savvy business professionals want to know. We’ll even throw in one dirty little secret!

But at the end of the day, what we all want to know is why we should even care about this big data phenomenon. We’ll discuss that one, too. This will be an interactive session, so please come prepared to learn, share and ask questions.

Tamara is the Director of Emerging Technologies for SAS Best Practices, a thought leadership team at SAS. Through provocative articles and publications and key industry engagements, she delivers a pragmatic perspective on big data, the Internet of Things, open source, privacy and security.

Tamara began her high tech journey long before the internet was born, and has held both technical and management positions for multiple technology vendors, consultancies and a non-profit. She was recently listed in the Big Data 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands list and The Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow in 2016.

Neil Sahota
World Wide Business Development Leader
IBM Watson Group

“Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Computing”

With the advent of artificial intelligence/cognitive computing solutions (e.g. IBM Watson, DeepMind AlphaGo), organizations are the precipice of a major change. Much like the iPhone (released less than 10 years ago), we are at a pivotal time where cognitive computing will be incorporated into so many aspects of our professional and personal lives.

Organizations that have suffered through pain points they could not resolve or opportunities they could not achieve may now have a solution through cognitive computing. To bring the next generation of products and solutions to the forefront, organizations will need fresh ideas and new techniques and practices in project management, business analysis and quality assurance to recognize how to best leverage cognitive computing capabilities. In turn, this means developing people who understand cognitive computing and how to use it for future product development.

Neil is an IBM Master Inventor and Worldwide Business Development Leader in the IBM Watson Group. He works with Global Fortune 500 clients and high growth business partners to ideate next generation products/solutions powered by Watson.
Neil’s responsibilities include product incubation, developing business cases, and go-to-market strategies. His experience spans multiple industries including healthcare/life sciences, retail, travel/transportation, energy/utilities, automotive, telecommunications, media/communication and government.

Erin Richards
Director Risk Management, Managed Cloud Services
Oracle Corporation

“Effective Leadership for a Global Technical Workforce”

Global leadership has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Effective leaders understand the cultural nuances to lead and motivate their workforce. They understand how EMEA, APAC, LAD and North America regions’ cultural and oral and written communication styles differ when leading employees, working through cross cultural technical conversations, negotiating through opposing views and how other global regions perceive view one another.

This session covers the points to consider when leading a global organization.

Erin Richards is a Director of Risk Management at Oracle Corporation, Irvine, Ca. For the past 15 years, Erin has been in the Managed Cloud Services organization, leading a culturally diverse global team addressing security for hosted customers to meet their compliance needs while ensuring that services are offered in conformance with Oracle security policies to the highest recognized security standards and practices.
Erin holds a BS in Electrical Engineering focused in computer science and various security certifications. After more than 10 years in the US Department of Defense industry working with programs to develop Air Force defense missile systems—she decided it was time to move into the commercial industry.
Erin joined Oracle in 1994 and has held positions in sales, alliances, consulting, development, product management cloud hosting operations and information security.

Daniel Upton

“Lean Data Model Storming for Data Project Leaders”

Data Models are “a’changin” and the new principles of Lean Data empower the modern data pro to move beyond yesterday’s “pick just one” trade-off between scalable architecture and time-to-insight.

Session attendees will understand how to incorporate Lean Data Principles to:
• Brainstorm in real-time during business meetings, from vague requirements directly into white-board models for immediate stakeholder collaboration, refinement and sign-off.
• Quickly blend oddly-structured Big Data with traditional structures from disparate source systems.
• Perform Just Enough Design Up Front to solutions scoped only to stated requirements, but which easily adapt to eleventh-hour changes in source data or in their business rules.
• Continually extend incremental solutions to new data subject areas and source systems without re-factoring.
• Create a flexible and sustainable self-service analytics and reporting capability atop the Lean Data Model.

Target Audience: Data people – business leaders, solution architects, analysts, engineers and agilistas. A basic understanding of E/R models is helpful, but not crucial.

Daniel Upton has run DecisionLab, a boutique consultancy for intelligent data implementation since 2007. When not training, working with or leading your internal staff on data enhancements, he blogs.

Andrea Hoy
President & Virtual CISO
A. Hoy & Associates

“Emerging Technologies: Friend or Foe? Help or Hindrance?”

Technology is advancing at unheard of speeds bringing along a workforce generation raised in a world that has always had technology at its fingertips.
Meanwhile, due to low cost for digital storage, our ability to “packrat” information and to analyze, prioritize and retrieve data has exploded. We use to be concerned with BYOD as just smartphones or tablets, now we have technology everywhere and a world of non-existent physical perimeters for our Company data.

Ms. Hoy will review some of the emerging technologies entering our homes and work environments, as well as their efficiencies, potential risk and the vulnerabilities they may open. She’ll also share what considerations can be made to take advantage of the positive aspects that emerging technology might provide.

Andrea is the founder of A. Hoy & Associates, a “virtual CISO” provider that offers companies infosecurity consulting, incident response training, assistance with establishing policies and procedures to comply with NIST CyberSecurity Framework and other related services. Notably, Andrea has represented the US as diplomat to China on eDiscovery and forensics.

Brenda Williams
Founder and CEO
Academy of Leadership Communication

“Realize and Raise Your Potential – 8 Business Emotional Intelligence Strategies”

Gain the focus, insight and tools to manage 8 key emotions and behaviors (1-Decision Making, 2-Influence 3-Motivation 4-Adaptability 5-Empathy 6-Conscientiousness 7-Stress Resilience
8-Self-Awareness) that directly impact engagement and performance in the workplace.

Leaders will learn how to inspire, mentor and motivate others more effectively. Teams will learn how to work and create better relationships with their clients, peers and boss.
During this workshop you will create more self-awareness and uncover blind spots that cause career derailment. You will develop your self-management and people management skills and learn skills and tools to respond effectively to the emotions of others. You will improve your leadership capability allowing you to change leadership style to suit business needs.

Brenda Williams is a well-respected, Board Certified Coach who has provided consulting and coaching to individuals and businesses for over 25 years. Her focus is on leadership development and emotional intelligence, creating a Self-Mastery System that leads to progressive communication skills and extraordinary relationships. She helps individuals and organizations make critical changes in their behavior, mindset and skills — leading to Laser Focused Results and Transformational Change. www.AcademyForLeadershipCommunication.com

Laura Cazares
Certified DreamBuilder Coach
Life Mastery Institute

“Time Management: Breaking all the Myths about Time”

No time, out of time, bored with the time you do have? How do you get everything done? Busy professionals have a difficult problem: how to complete everything and still have time for creativity, family, and themselves. You invest in time management systems, only to find that you stop using them. For life to work harmoniously, you must develop a harmonious relationship with time. If you understand how time actually works, work and life flows gracefully. You’ll learn how to get a handle on time with four tools. You’ll discover what drains your energy and how to free it up. You’ll experience less stress and more energy, accomplish more, and have more time. There will be no more rushing, pressure, or feeling exhausted.

Laura Cazares works with people to master the power of their minds and unlock their genius to design and create happier, healthier, and wealthier lives through the science of success. Laura brings more than 29 years of experience in speaking, coaching, teaching, and helping professionals and entrepreneurs increase their success. She holds BS and MS degrees in Chemistry and is a graduate of Coach U. She is a certified DreamBuilder Coach and a Life Mastery Consultant. She has been a high school teacher, water quality project manager, entertainment IT project manager, and marketing/proposal director

Alyson Garrido
Career Coach

“Successful Career Conversations”

Is there a conversation you’ve been avoiding? Many of us lack confidence in addressing difficult subjects. However, the way in which we handle challenging conversations at work can have a tremendous impact on our professional relationships and success.
During this presentation, Alyson Garrido, Career Coach, will discuss techniques to conduct successful conversations that will reach your desired outcome. You will receive tools to effectively prepare for and conduct discussions around sensitive subjects.
Topics include:
• Conquering difficult conversations
• Providing effective feedback
• Negotiating your salary

Alyson Garrido is passionate about helping people find a job they enjoy. As a Career Coach, she helps her clients identify their strengths and create paths toward fulfilling careers. She also provides intensive resume review and interview preparation sessions. Alyson has extensive Human Resources (HR) experience. During her time in HR, she coached staff members at all levels to conduct impactful performance reviews and facilitated offsite and in-house training sessions. She now facilitates an original workshops series for people making career transitions. Alyson studied Psychology at Northeastern University and is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Academy.

Dianne Savoie
Luminosity Coaching, LLC

“Conscious Career Care”

• Do you want to be promoted?
• Is your day-to-day work falling under the radar of those you know are important to your success? Perhaps you feel like the stealth employee?
• Are you uncertain as to how to expose yourself? Legally!
• Are you practicing Conscious Career Care?
It’s my intention to guide you through some interactive conversation and a few exercises that will help you to chart your own career path while gaining more meaning and fulfillment at work.

In 2009 Dianne Savoie founded Luminosity Coaching, LLC whose mission it is to deliver exceptional value to every engagement leaving the corporation with accelerated goal achievements, a strong ROI, and individuals with a greater sense of their unique Luminosity and capabilities.
• Recognized as an expert in executive leadership coaching and team development
• Holds certifications in coaching, facilitating, behavioral analysis, and team diagnostics
• Brings a well-rounded portfolio of skills and tools to every client engagement
• Invented HEW Cards® – the compass for improving employee engagement
Specialties: Registered Corporate Coach, Trained DiSC® Facilitator, Team Coaching Diagnostics™ Authorized Facilitator, Appreciative Living Facilitator, Inventor of HEW Cards®, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Executive Sales Management, Broad Industries Knowledge (Business, Technology, Legal, Medical Device, Financial), Visionary, Leader, Team Builder.

Shirley Oya
Better Together

“3 Secrets about Time Management No One Talks About”

Most people wish they could do a better job of managing their time, but struggle with how to improve it. Do a Google search of time management and you’ll get 74,000,000 hits. So why is this topic still a challenge for many of us? The truth is, mastering time management (or anything we want to improve) must begin as an inside job.

In this interactive and experiential workshop we will explore:

• Our beliefs about time and how they influence the way we use it
• What neuroscience can teach us about how we think about time
• Some new perspectives about how to approach time management

You’ll come away with new insights plus some practical tools to manage your time more effectively, in a way that works with your unique personal style.

Shirley Oya is an Executive and Life Coach in private practice for over a decade. She works with mid-level managers up to ‘C’ suite Executives on leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. Her highly customized approach helps clients quickly identify habits and behaviors that no longer serve them or the companies they work for. She then coaches them to move from unproductive habitual behaviors to intentional and effective actions. As a Personal Life Coach, Shirley works with high performing, successful individuals on a wide range of projects ranging from launching new businesses, to overcoming burnout. Shirley has a passion for study in the areas of human development, neuroscience, wellness, and leadership. She draws upon this research and her work in such diverse fields as retail management, business management, accounting, and marine insurance to help her clients achieve success. Her background as an accountant gives her a particular understanding of those working in fields that require a linear and logical mindset.

David Angradi
Director, Software Defined Data Center Solutions

” You are Closer to a Software Defined Data Center Than You Think”

During this presentation we will examine how creating a management layer that spans all data center resources allows IT departments to easily define, develop and deploy services in response to an organization’s rapidly changing business needs. Our industry expert, David Angradi, will share use cases, best practices, and real world examples that will show you how you can take advantage of automation to formulate your individual Service Defined Data Center strategy.

David Angradi is the Director of Logicalis’ Software Defined Data Center Solutions practice, an organization devoted to helping CxOs embrace “third platform” computing where the worlds of mobile and cloud computing, social media, and big data collide. David’s position showcases his expertise in consultative sales; when he meets with clients, his goal is to show them how a software-defined data center (SDDC) can help them leverage existing technology and hybrid cloud solutions, adding a software and services layer on top to deliver a better user experience and create a more advanced services-defined enterprise – a tall order, but one David says Logicalis is prepared to fill.

Ryan Klein
Executive Director, Information Technology
St Joseph Health

“Building an “As a Service” Strategy into a Combined Traditional IT and DevOps Environment”

Ryan J. Klein is a Published Author and expert in Solutions Engineering, SAN Architecture, End User Engagement, Go to Market, Technical Marketing, and Business Alliances. Having held numerous engineering, marketing and worldwide leadership roles at such industry leaders as Unisys, Brocade and QLogic, Ryan recently joined St. Joseph Health to drive Next Generation Information Technology efforts with focus on Governance, Enterprise Monitoring, Incident and Change Management along with IT Business Processes. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Marketing and Logistics from California State University Fresno and participated in the University of Southern California Marshal School of Business Guest Lecture program focusing on product development.

Sreenevas Subramaniam
Senior Product Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Machine learning with Service Management and Convergence of ITSM, ITAM & CMS”

Machine learning is transforming how people interact and make their decisions. Applying analytics and machine learning technologies in Service Management will help you to better serve IT Operations and will change the way we design and optimize ITIL/ITSM business processes. In this session, HPE Product Management will discuss market trends and provide a sneak preview of several exciting new offerings from the HPE ITSM business.

Sreenevas (Sree) Subramaniam is a Senior Product Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), leading global product development strategy for the HPE Asset Manager product line, and overseeing SACM Integration strategy with the solution engineering team to improve product capabilities around SACM practice. Sree has also worked with the UCMDB R&D team in the functional architecture space, and has PSO Implementation experience in HPE event management products. Prior to HPE, Sree was solution architect for IT Service Management at Walmart, architecting one of the world’s largest CMS – UCMDB implementations with 90 million Cis, setting the foundation for IT Asset management and SAM practices for Walmart. Sree is ITIL V3 certified and holds an MBA & Engineering degree in Computer Science. More about Sree: LinkedIn

Kevin Parikh
Global CEO and Senior Partner

“Digital Transformation – Market Trends”

Over the course of the last 40 years, technology has driven a fundamental economic shift. The rise of digital solutions is replacing transactional “human” jobs and challenging traditional HR models. The pace of digital innovation is increasing, real and digital worlds are merging, and the adoption of technology is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Avasant Global CEO and Senior Partner, Kevin Parikh, discusses key business trends in the Digital Age.

Kevin Parikh is the CEO and Senior Partner of Avasant. Mr. Parikh specializes in IT and business process (BP) outsourcing contract and service-level negotiations, strategic management, business risk evaluation and software licensing. His practice engages in both nearshore and offshore sourcing solutions. Mr. Parikh is based in Los Angeles, California. Prior to joining Avasant, Mr. Parikh led the Global Sourcing practice for Gartner Consulting.

Greg Ross
Solutions Architect
Double-Take/Vision Solutions

“Best Practices – How to Migrate With Near Zero Downtime.”

Server migrations with traditional tools can be complex, error-prone and require down-time that simply is not acceptable in today’s 24×7, always-on business climate. Vision Solutions enables migration of business critical applications that have stringent service level agreement (SLA) requirements, during normal business hours, with near-zero downtime.

Greg has worked in the IT industry for 25+ years managing corporate IT support in the Public Sector, in application deployment, and for the last 10+ years in Pre-Sales Engineering with Double-Take. He has a broad knowledge of the IT sector in general and with data protection for HA/DR and migrations in particular.

Ricardo Salazar
Director of IT, Service Management Office
Molena Healthcare

” Integrating Service Monitoring for Better Event Management”

Modern Enterprise environments typically have at least one if not more Event Monitoring systems in place which provides an ideal opportunity for better Event Monitoring. ServiceNow Event Monitoring has built in event correlation capabilities to reduce unnecessary noise, automated event escalation and coalescing into Alerts that require attention, and finally, escalation to Incidents for Service Restoration.

Ricardo has 10+ years of IT experience primarily in Service Management and Application Delivery. He has been working with ServiceNow for the past 5 years starting with the Berlin release through Geneva and on eventually Helsinki. He has a broad knowledge of the ServiceNow platform, Service Management as driven by the ITIL framework, and multiple Service Delivery frameworks including Agile, SCRUM, and Waterfall.

Denis Vilfort
Senior Director, World Wide Evangelism
Dell EMC

“The Clouds Are Lifting…!”

This presentation discusses the shifts in IT infrastructure in combination with Hybrid Clous and IOT. Further, we explore how Moore’s law are driving towards near zero marginal cost while still delivering 10X improvements in infrastructure at 5-year increments. Finally, we discuss how miniaturization of IT have caused value migration leading to new strategic inflexion points.

Dennis immigrated to the United States from Denmark in 1987. He quickly established himself as one of the leading technology evangelists in Silicon Valley. With more than 25 years of technology, sales, and marketing experience, Denis has been affiliated with some of the most respected names in technology: IBM, Seagate, Sun and Oracle. He joined EMC in 2010 and is now the Chief Evangelist, EMC Information Infrastructure and has emerged as the “go-to guy” when it comes to understanding and communicating technology trends and strategies.

Denis has become the “rock star of storage” and is today playing a pivotal role in the storage industry’s move to FLASH technology. In 2012 Denis was awarded EMC’s most prestigious John Howard award for EMC Marketing Excellence.

Before joining EMC, Denis was responsible for storage portfolio definition at Sun Microsystems/Oracle. Prior to Sun, he was Sr. SAN Architect for QLogic and Director of Strategic Marketing for Gadzoox Networks.

Roland Vellanoweth
Principle Software Consultant

” Control-M Enhanced – What’s New”

Roland will review the latest direction of the Work Load Automation (WLA) industry and how today’s Control-M leads the pack. Control-M can schedule workloads on a daily, weekly or monthly interval. It can also be used to respond to trigger events such as the appearance of a file, being called by a third party application through an API, or invocation on demand through Java or Web services. Control-M can be integrated with applications such as SAP and Oracle’s PeopleSoft, to act as a scheduling organizer in these computing platforms.


Floyd Scott
Solution Architect

“Testing 500 SAP Business Processes in 2 Hours IS Possible!”

Automation makes it possible. Obviously, if you’re validating 500 core business processes every day on 100+ virtual machines or testing 500,000 business process steps every night, it can’t be done manually. Those days are over. Automation has replaced manual labor with digital labor. One large enterprise even relies on 100+ Amazon servers to perform daily QA for programs serving more than 10 million consumers! Join Worksoft to learn how.

Charles Cole
Executive Director, Digital Media Group
Sony Pictures

With over 15 years of studio & technology experience, Charles has worked to continually modernize and streamline content-focused infrastructure and software development practices, while partnering closely with studio and line-of-business executives to help identify and eliminate inefficiencies in business processes, leading to increased productivity and throughput across the enterprise and around the world. Recently, Charles has completed a long running project to overhaul DevOps for Sony Pictures’ Digital Media Group, enabling the consolidation and retirement of several legacy in-house digital asset management platforms. By migrating infrastructure and deployment operations into Amazon Web Services, the group has reduced application development release cycles from 4 months to just under two weeks, resulting in happier customers and a more engaged workforce. Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in History and Management Information Systems from the University of Memphis, and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business with a concentration in Entertainment, Media, and Technology.

Reggie Collier
Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations
Cast & Crew

Reggie Collier is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience leading infrastructure teams and projects, with companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500. Reggie currently serves as Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations Cast & Crew Entertainment. Prior to joining Cast & Crew, Reggie held infrastructure and systems administration-related roles in IT for a variety of companies, including Crystal Cruises, Lucky Brand, Evolve Media, CCH, and ABC Television Network.  Reggie lives in Santa Clarita with his wife of 15 years and their two sons.

Terry Dear
VP, Software Development
Bankruptcy Mgt. Solutions

Terry Dear has more than 20+ years of ‘high-energy’, ‘hands-on’ executive skills in large complex organizations and small companies. – Key Skills Set in “KISSing” IT – Keep It Simple and Strategic in all aspects of IT – Talent Management, Vendor Management, Services Delivery, Risk & Compliance, Governance, Budgets – Diverse Skills Set in all operational aspects of IT (Product Management, Application Development, Enterprise/Business/Data Architecture, Infrastructure & Operations).

Kelly Stackpoole
Executive Director of IT
20th Century Fox

Kelly Stackpoole is Executive Director of IT at Fox Entertainment Group where she leads her technology team to build, implement, and support a diverse portfolio of cloud and on-prem applications for her corporate clients across the 21st Century Fox enterprise.  With over 20 years of experience in entertainment and consulting, Kelly collaborates with her clients to enable the ongoing evolution of their businesses through innovative software solutions culled from the rapidly shifting technology landscape.