Panel Discussions (2016)

Past year’s attendees rave about the learning opportunities provided by SoTeC’s interactive Panel Discussions! The SoTeC Speaker Committee is proud to present three exciting and relevant Panel Discussions as part of the SoTeC 2016 program. All Panel Discussions will be moderated and provide an opportunity for conference attendees not only to hear from the panelists, but also to interact with both the panelists and their fellow attendees to maximize the sharing of information and experience.

Hiring Junior Talent Panel

Please join us for a panel discussion of the benefits and risks of hiring staff with less than 2-3 years of experience or recent college graduates. Do the benefits outweigh the time needed for training and mentoring? What are the “ups and downs” that you will experience when you hire junior staff for your teams? Come hear our panel discuss the issues/benefits that junior talent on the team present.


One Size Fits All (Not Always) Panel

Organizations involved in IT Service Management initiatives understand that one size does not always fit all when it comes to the adoption and use of ITSM tools and related frameworks.
While it’s well established that ITSM tools can make a process more efficient and effective, standards and processes are possible with and without having ITSM tools in place. Frameworks establish a frame of reference for the area at hand and shape everything around it. Ultimately, it’s unrealistic to expect that any single framework will provide all that’s needed to be successful.
Join in our panel discussion as we explore real-world experience from a few prominent organizations focused on making the most of industry frameworks.


Cross Generational Teams Panel

You’ve seen the movie “The Intern” but have you lived it? What are the issues of working on a team with Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X’ers and those in between? What are the best techniques to make sure that everyone gets along and the team has synergy that will ensure a successful project? Come hear our multigenerational panel discuss how to use the best of every generation.