Keynote Speakers (2016)

Mila Diamond Marivi Stuchinsky Larry Godec Neal Schaffer

Mila Diamond
CEO Diamond Mind, International

“How to Rock Productivity and Performance Without Burnout”

There’s always a next level of genius, efficiency and productivity. There is a way to sustain your focus, in spite of distractions, and use your work to increase your energy instead of draining it.

Learn how successful companies, business leaders and tech professionals are using mindfulness to up their game. When done correctly, mindfulness for you as an individual means reduced stress, greater energy, focus, clarity, accelerated learning and personal fulfillment. Along with pragmatic strategies, we will explore case studies and the science behind this hot trend in business right now.

Mila has over 27 years an IT management consultant and spearheaded change in corporate culture and led enterprise-wide migration projects. As a tech entrepreneur, she built a company on Wall Street and sold her software product to Fortune 500 and 1000 clients.

Mila has 15 years of authentic, in-depth training in focused meditation and mindfulness and has been teaching the integration of mindfulness with career and business to tech professionals and business leaders since 1992. She developed Diamond Mind Training: A unique blend of pragmatic business coaching with Mindfulness 2.0 training, emotional intelligence, mindset for success and team building strategies that helps companies attract and retain the best talent by creating a work environment that boosts productivity without burnout.

Marivi Stuchinsky
SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Farmers Insurance Group

“Disrupt or be Disrupted – Insurance Industry Trends”

Disruption isn’t likely to be a singular event for insurers, but rather an ongoing challenge. As a result, efforts to mitigate the impact of disruptive trends, as well as capitalize on the growth opportunities they present, will be part of a continuous journey rather than a final destination.

This session discusses the business environment’s pressures, as well as current market trends that create different implications and priorities across the insurance segments. The shift towards innovation, digital transformation, analytics and system modernization are key initiatives for CIOs while still balancing cost and operational efficiencies.

Marivi is Chief Technology Officer at Farmers Insurance Group. She has 30 years of IT leadership experience with a proven track record in delivering secure, robust enterprise technologies, as well as large scale global IT projects.

Prior to joining Farmers, Marivi led IT teams for a number of big brands including Molin Healthcare, Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM Studios and Paramount Pictures.
Marivi is an active member of EWIT (Executive Women in IT), UCLA IS Associates and often speaks at technology Conferences such as Gartner, CIO Executive Council, Cisco Live, EMC World and others.

Larry Godec
Sr. VP and CIO, First American Title Insurance

“Technology Business Management (TBM) Aligns Businesses for Success”

No matter how long you’ve been a technology leader, how many people you employ, or the industry you serve—you share common challenges with your competitors. These challenges include balancing the infinite demand for IT services and innovation with a finite supply of resources; prioritizing investments; engaging your business partners with a language they understand; and organizing your team to deliver the most value.
Learn how TBM provides the framework to overcome these challenges and more. When your business is on the line and your function is front and center, you need a method born in technology and designed for technology leaders —TBM is your method for success!

Larry Godec is SVP, CIO of First American where he runs the First American SMS Software Company and leads all divisions within the technology portfolio including strategic planning, application development, security, R&D, governance, infrastructure and data center operations that support and grow the business.
Larry has over 28 years of experience in all facets of IT and is a sitting member on several technology boards including Technology Business Management (TBM); Southern California Society of Information Managers (SIM); Microsoft; Oracle; and Apptio Corporation—a leading provider of technology business management solutions whose customers manage over $50B of enterprise IT spend.

Larry has a BS in Mathematics from Colorado State University.

Neal Schaffer
Founder, Social Media Center of Excellence

“The Future of Social Media: Personal & Corporate Branding”

As professionals, our networks are and continue to be our biggest assets. However, in the future of social media, those networks take on a bigger meaning from both a personal branding perspective as well as in our relationships with our employers. The intellectual property that each of us has accrued over our careers also becomes an asset that can be leveraged on behalf of our employers. All of this will become part of the emergence of what we are calling “employee advocacy,” but the future of social media holds the key to unlocking the value of what each of us can provide to our future employers.