Highlighting our Sponsors 2015

SoTeC is a volunteer created event with members from our 11 sponsors putting in the time to set the direction, organize and overall participate in ensuring we are bringing attendees the best cost for value conference in the area.

We wanted to highlight some of those volunteers to recognize their efforts!

Mark Harbin

Ron Rizza

Jerry Wang

Don Kim

Deby Covey

Roc Paez

James Thomas

Carolyn HS

Tom Ticknor

Ella Anastasiu

Eduardo Henriquez

Parash Sharma

Kidra Shadroo

Sujit Ghosh

Lynne Campbell

Garo Babaian

Julie Triana

Sreekesh Menon

James Jackson

Tariq Shaikh

Greg Scott

Don Goetz

Duane L. Nicholson

Robbie Smith

Susan Thompson

Jeff Jenson

Roger Lux

Carole Schlocker