Keynote Speakers

Peter Coffee Sharon Moseley Charles Podesta Kerrie Holley

Peter Coffee
Vice President for Strategic Research, Salesforce

“From Breakthrough to Follow-Through”

Our theme this year is “Break Through to Excellence,” but every athlete knows the importance of follow-through. It’s not enough to say, “OK, here’s the excellence.” The hard work of turning the opportunity into everyone’s reality should be at the head of the to-do list for every SoTeC attendee when we get back to the office. We bring back past keynoter Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, to share his global perspective on the past year of progress and his strategies for what comes next.

Peter Coffee, Vice President for Strategic Research at Salesforce, has been with the company for ten years. He began talking with founder and CEO Marc Benioff about platform-as-a-service concepts thirteen years ago, while Peter was Technology Editor at eWEEK; prior to his eighteen years as an industry analyst and enterprise technology advisor, he was the first Manager for Desktop Computing at The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, where he also worked in space-asset applications of AI techniques. Before that, he held project management roles with Exxon in locations ranging from the Gulf of Mexico to the Beaufort Sea.

Peter received his engineering degree from MIT in 1978, and his MBA from Pepperdine University in 1985, after which he joined the Pepperdine faculty as an instructor for their course in IT management; he has also lectured at UCLA, Stanford, CalTech, Harvard Business School, and MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He currently consults with three U.S. universities on curriculum and degree programs in analytics and big data.

Sharon Moseley
Senior Vice President, Chief Information & Strategy Officer, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

“Hierarchy of IT needs – what IT needs to do to excel and to propel the business forward”

There are ‘must-dos’ that every IT organization has to get right. It’s only through this that credibility is achieved. Once you get Job One right, you can move forward to the pinnacle. Reaching that vision – where IT is seen as a proactive business partner, generating ideas and solutions that make the organization more competitive is the desire of every IT team. What are the key success factors in IT, no matter what industry? How to get there? This topic focuses on how PM’s, BSA’s, App Dev can make or break an IT shop. What does it really mean to be a ‘proactive business partner’? How does IT move from being an ‘order-taker’ to presenting the solution and architecture needed to drive the business forward? How can IT come to understand the business as well or even better than the ‘business’ does? It also outlines some of the attributes that the most successful IT folks possess and how to further develop them.

Sharon Moseley is Senior Vice President, Chief Information & Strategy Officer for Kinecta Federal Credit Union. Her responsibilities include Strategic Planning and Information Technology, e-Commerce, Payments and Debit/Credit Card products. Prior to joining Kinecta, Sharon worked for both Start-ups and Fortune 500 financial services organizations including: Bank of America, Carrington Mortgage Holdings (Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer), Fremont Investment and Loan (Senior Vice President and Division Information Officer) Division, Balboa Insurance Group (Senior Vice President and CIO), Western Financial Services and AVCO Financial Services. She brings over 20 years of  IT leadership experience in mortgage, banking, financial services and insurance services with a background in strengthening IT competencies and performance as well as streamlining business processes and business operations. Sharon has studied at the University of Western Ontario in a number of business-focused disciplines including business process re-engineering, project management and leadership.

Charles Podesta
Chief Information Officer, UCI Irvine Health

“The Future of Healthcare IT”

A case study in building the foundation for a new Healthcare IT Services delivery model.

Over thirty (30) years experience in Information Technology for Healthcare, the last eighteen years as a Chief Information Officer. Podesta has worked for Academic Medical Centers, Health Systems and Community Hospitals. He is currently the CIO for University of California Irvine Health. Previous to this engagement Podesta was SVP & CIO of Fletcher Allen Healthcare, a large academic medical center and health system in Burlington, VT.

Other positions included SVP & CIO at Caritas Christi Health Care, now Steward Health in eastern MA, CIO at Berkshire Health Systems, Pittsfield, MA, Director of IS and Interim CIO for Baystate Health Systems in Springfield, MA. Prior to that, leadership positions at St Vincent Hospital, Worcester, MA; UMASS/Memorial, Worcester, MA and Magee-Women’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.

Over the year, Podesta has made numerous presentations at national conferences and is quoted widely in healthcare publications on a variety of IT topics.

Kerrie Holley
Technical Fellow, United Health Group Optum Technology

“AI, ML, DL – It’s time for Cognitive Computing”

Kerrie will explore the current state of AI with a focus on machine learning and deep learning.  Using healthcare as an industry example, Kerrie will discuss the differences between analytics, machine learning and deep learning and why it matters.  In addition the taxonomy of AI will be explored along with the notion of weak and strong AI.  Cognitive computing and cognitive applications concepts will be explored along with future trends / projections for cognitive computing.

The Chicago Tribune described Kerrie Holley as “a remarkable person,” and Forbes referred to him as “The Big Deal.” Kerrie is United Health Groups’ first Technical Fellow supporting UHG vision to help people live healthier lives by using technology to make the healthcare system work better. He provides visionary technology direction across the enterprise and in the market and engages in long-term issues, products and systems, providing a voice and point of view to what areas should be developed for future delivery. He leads an advanced applied technology team focused on applying deep learning, machine learning, genomics, IOT and AI initiatives to healthcare.

Previously, he served as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Cisco overseeing the areas of software platforms, data and analytics and automation platforms. He also holds several technology patents and is the author of two books: “Is Your Company Ready for Cloud” and “100 SOA Questions: Asked and Answered.”

Kerrie Holley has made contributions to software engineering over the years, lectured across the world, presented on a range of topics, authored books, awarded several patents, appeared in a national TV commercial, and a day after IBM Watson winning on Jeopardy on February 16, 2011, appeared hosted a live webstream of IBM experts and insiders discussing Watson’s victory against Jeopardy’s top human contestants.

In recognition of Holley’s groundbreaking work in service-oriented architecture software engineering at IBM, he was appointed an IBM Fellow and provided thought leadership in areas including SOA, API economy, microservices, business agility, analytics and cloud computing.