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SoTeC has built a reputation over the past thirteen years for providing an environment for knowledgeable and interesting speakers to share their ideas and experience. The SoTeC 2014 Speaker Committee is dedicated to finding speakers who can cover a variety of technical, personal and leadership topics in an interactive and entertaining manner. Below you will find more information on the speakers and topics already confirmed for SoTeC 2014. Check back often a the speaker slate continues to grow!

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Erika Cilengir

“Starting with the Current State: An Antidote To Missing Requirements and Requirements Creep”

Although you may not have heard of Beachbody, it is likely you have heard of P90X, Insanity, T25, and Brazil Butt Lift, not to mention celebrity trainers Tony Horton and Shaun T. With the explosive growth of the fitness industry, Beachbody has seen their customer base soar, along with their need for state-of-the-art systems to power their eCommerce sites. Last year, the company embarked on the largest IT project in its history – to remake its TeamBeachbody.com site and associated microsites. In addition to moving to more robust and powerful back-end systems to handle its ever-increasing sales traffic, Beachbody is also looking to remake the look-and-feel of its sites so that the customer experience is smooth, seamless, and fun.

This session focuses on the effort to understand and document the requirements for one of the most important stakeholder groups for this project – Customer Service. It particular, it chronicles the requirements approach taken – and, in retrospect, the approach that should have been taken. The primary lesson learned? The importance of understanding the current state.

Erika Cilengir has held several business analyst positions over the past 16 years, beginning with a long stint as a lead business analyst for Citigroup, where she was responsible for working with international business partners on Citibank’s online banking site. After leaving Citigroup, Erika continued her work in the financial services sector at AXA Equitable, where she was the lead business analyst on a project that successfully rolled out Salesforce.com to AXA’s Life Distribution group using a semi-Agile approach. In 2012, Erika joined Beachbody, a leader in the fitness industry, where she has been involved in several large multi-system projects using Agile and hybrid approaches.

Jeanette Menon
Global Theatrical Distribution, Manager- Product Development, The Walt Disney Company

“Beyond Scrum: SAFe in Large-Scale Enterprise”

While agile methodology works well for small, self-organizing teams, how do you apply the same principles to a large enterprise organization? One possible solution is implementing SAFe, Scaled Agile Framework, to bring the gaps found in Agile while coordinating and aligning multiple project teams to the overall strategic values of the company. Join this session to learn how SAFe was implemented in a large-scaled enterprise and lessons learned at Disney.

Jeanette Menon has been in IT project roles for over 6 years across multiple domains –entertainment, healthcare and financial services. She is currently serving as a Product Owner for multiple agile project teams and as Product Manager at The Walt Disney Company.

Kristine Hayes-Munson
VP, IT Risk & Compliance, State Street

“Is Your Project Really a Success? “

Projects are the lifeblood of every firm. Innovation and strategic objectives are achieved via projects. How do you measure a project’s success? Was it delivered on time, on budget, and with all of the required functionality? The Standish Group reports that less than a third of IT projects can be classified as a success. Project failure directly impacts the bottom line. PMI asserts that US$109 million is lost for every US$1 billion spent on projects. Protect your bottom line by improving your firm’s overall project success rate. This presentation will discuss specific tips and recommendations on improving your overall success rate by focusing on people, process, and outcomes.

Kristine A. Hayes-Munson is an IT leader with a proven track record of successfully completing projects in the finance, printing, and construction industries. She specializes in implementing high-profile, cross-discipline projects resulting in deliverables aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives. She oversees a risk and compliance program balancing internal controls, regulatory requirement, information security best practices, and entrepreneurialism.
Ms. Hayes-Munson is a champion of project management education. She has spoken at events including the PMI North American Global Congress (Vancouver), Global Business Intelligence CIO Event (San Francisco & New York), PMI-Orange County Advanced Topics Seminars, ProjectWorld, Southland Technology Conference (SoTeC), and various other professional association meetings. Her discussion on “Getting It Done” remains one of the PM Podcasts most popular episodes. She is a member of the University of California Irvine Extension’s project management certificate advisory board and the program’s faculty. Her interactive presentations and courses integrate project management theory with hands-on, experiential learning.
Ms. Hayes-Munson earned a BA from Brigham Young University and a MBA from California State University San Marcos. She is a Project Management Professional (PMP®), a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA®), and PMI Leadership Institute Master Class alum.

Craig WIlson
MS, PMP, CSM, Matincor

“Developing Requirements for an Agile Project –or- How to Herd Cats and Keep Your Sanity”

Managing software requirements has always been a challenge. The Agile approach has given us some new processes like continuous requirements grooming and techniques like User Stories that have provided significant improvements however, they have come with their own set of challenges. In this presentation Craig will provide some tips and tricks that he has used to overcome some of these challenges.

Craig D. Wilson is an Information Technology management consultant helping organizations apply Agile/Lean principles to more effectively manage people, projects, and processes. Before establishing his consulting practice, he spent more than a dozen years at senior and executive level IT management positions in a broad variety of industries including banking, entertainment, health care, and relocation services. As a consultant, he has also served clients in the insurance and financial services industries.

As a project manager and PMO Director, Craig has been responsible for hundreds of projects managing teams that range in size from a half dozen members to well over 100. These projects have involved custom software development, commercial package integration, infrastructure design and deployment, data telecommunications, operations, and production services.

Craig is a frequent speaker on management practices and development methodologies.

Edward Bonver

“Why We Should Threat Model”

Threat modeling is one of the most important software security activities that a development team should practice as part of software development lifecycle. Though it is not always easy to kick-start this activity for a team with little or no security experience, long-term benefits are numerous. In hopes of getting the QA community actively engaged in the process, in this talk Edward will explore the value behind threat modeling, will take a look at the process behind it, and will go over some do’s and don’ts based on his experience rolling out threat modeling with hundreds of product teams across Symantec.

Edward Bonver is a technical director and software security architect on the product security team under the Office of the CTO at Symantec Corporation. In this capacity, Mr. Bonver is responsible for working with software developers and quality assurance (QA) professionals across Symantec to continuously enhance the company’s software security practices through the adoption of methodologies, procedures, and tools for secure coding and security testing. He is a software security evangelist, leading Symantec’s security training initiative, and assisting product teams across the company with all aspects of building software security into the product development lifecycle. Mr. Bonver joined Symantec in 2004. Prior to joining Symantec he held software engineering positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Nbase, and Zuma Networks.

Mr. Bonver is a frequent speaker at global security events and conferences. In addition to representing Symantec on the SAFECode Board of Directors, he is also on the board of the Open Web Application Security (OWASP) Los Angeles chapter, and is a co-organizer of OWASP California regional application security conferences and summits.

Mr. Bonver is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP). He holds a master’s degree in computer science from California State University, Northridge, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Robin Borough
President, Chief Operating Officer, Omnikron, Inc.

“CSI: The Road to Genius Status”

Where have all the Genius’s gone? They are closer than you think. This interactive session is one of the first of its kind – unveiled for you at the SoTeC Conference… Learn how to use IT Service Management (ITSM) to launch your own Genius-as-a-Service platform and permanently elevate IT within your organization.

Robin is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of professional experience in Management, Training, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting and Project Facilitation. Areas of industry expertise lie in Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Wireless and Mobility Initiatives, Energy and Health Care. As a corporate counselor Robin is well known for her ability to help companies develop winning IT teams. She’s worked with scores of Fortune 1000 companies, as well as countless medium-sized businesses and start-ups to meet critical human resource and training needs. Corporate clients include Verizon, Southern California Edison, Prudential Insurance, WellPoint, Countrywide Mortgage, Kinko’s, Technicolor, Amgen, BMC Software and many others.

She is an author, board member on multiple distinguished boards and the founding director of the Convergence Technology Council (CTC), a collaborative forum for IT professionals, executives, businesses and industry leaders. Ms. Borough is educated at California State University of Northridge, and Universite Laval, Quebec.

Magdy Hanna
CTO and Chief Architect, Rommana Software

“Defect Prevention: The Role of Test Teams in Improving Process and Reducing the Cost of Quality”

Organizations have become more and more interested in defect prevention as a way of reducing the cost of quality. Historically, the role of the test team in software organizations has been limited to identifying and reporting problems to the development team to fix. Experience suggests that this is a very expensive way to deliver quality products.

In this presentation, Dr. Hanna will present essential methods that test professionals can use to prevent defects early in the process as well as using these methods to improve the development process, the test process, and the requirement process.
These methods include:

  • Closing the gap between development and testing with collaboration
  • Scenario-based Development and Testing
  • Sharing testing responsibility with developers
  • Impact analysis
  • Using requirement analysis techniques

Dr. Hanna is a recognized educator, speaker and consultant in several areas of software engineering. His distinguished seminars on various topics have been highly rated by software professionals. His experience with software goes back to the mid 1970’s, when he worked as a developer at the NCR Center and the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Over the last thirty-five years, Dr. Hanna has worked in all aspects and capacities of software projects and processes. He has trained over 50,000 professionals around the world over the last 20 years. His passion and enthusiasm for testing, process improvement, and software engineering are contagious.

Dr. Hanna is Founder, CEO, and Chairman of several organizations:

  • International Institute for Software Testing (www.iist.org), leading educational and professional development organization that provides education-based certifications to software test and quality professionals around the world. Dr. Hanna serves as the Chairman of Advisory Board for the Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) and the Certified Test Manager (CTM) credentials.
  • International Institute for Software Process (www.spinstitute.org), leading professional development organization that provides education-based certifications to software process improvement professionals around the world. Dr. Hanna serves as the Chairman of Advisory Board for the International Software Process Improvement Certification (ISPIC).
  • International Conference on Practical Software Quality and Testing, (www.PSQTconference.com).
  • International Conference on Software Process Improvement, (www.icspi.com).
  • Rommana™ Software (www.Rommanasoftware.com). In this role, he is the Chief Architect of an Integrated Software Lifecycle Management System.

Dr. Hanna also served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Software Test Professionals, a publication of the International Institute for Software Testing, now the Bug Free Zone. As a professor of Software Engineering at the University of St. Thomas, he taught graduate courses on several software engineering topics with emphasis on practical software quality techniques. Dr. Hanna consults with companies to define and improve their software processes using disciplined software engineering approaches.

Dr. Hanna developed new approaches and methods in software engineering including the Scenario-Based Development and Testing (SBDT), Requirement-Based Project Management (RBPM), Software Quality Engineering Methodology (SQEngineer), the Unified Data Model (UDM), and the Data-Driven Object Model (DOM). Dr. Hanna and his instructors conduct hundreds of free online webinars each year.

Dr. Hanna holds a Ph.D. and a Masters Degree in Computer and Information Sciences form the University of Minnesota, also a Masters in Operations Research from Cairo University, and B. Sc. in Petroleum Engineering from Suez Canal University, Egypt.

Rich Schiesser
President & CEO, RWS Associates, Inc

“How to Effectively Brainstorm IT Service Improvements”

We have all been there. We sit through a mediocre brainstorming session that ends with little accomplished and even fewer results. If you want to acquire skills on how to facilitate dynamic brainstorming sessions that produce value-added results, attend this session. In this interactive session, techniques to identify and prioritize CSI projects, like round-robin brainstorming, consensus methods to merge requirements and the nominal-group practices to prioritize them will be covered. The experienced speaker is both informative and entertaining.

Rich has worked in Information Technology for 37 years, the last 20 as President and CEO of his own consulting company, RWS Associates. Rich’s experiences include multiple IT executive positions, professional educator, acclaimed author and sought-after consultant for Fortune 500 company’s world-wide. During the past two decades, Rich has headed up major IT organizations at firms in the United States as diverse as Hughes Aircraft Company, the City of Los Angeles, Northrop Grumman and Twentieth Century Fox.

For the past 20 years, Rich has consulted on the design and implementation of world-class infrastructure processes including business continuity, through his company RWS Associates, Inc. His American clients include The Weather Channel, Emory Air Freight, Amazon.com, DIRECTV, Option One Mortgage Corporation, Las Vegas Police, and Ameriquest. Internationally, Rich has consulted in Mexico, Canada, Australia and South Africa

Rich is frequently a highlight speaker at conferences world-wide. He has written over 200 articles for leading IT trade journals and websites, including a weekly IT Management column at www.InformIT.com. In recent years Rich has authored two best-selling books on IT Systems Management and IT Production Services. With his wife, Ann, they contribute much time to two of their favorite charities: Olive Crest, a home for abandoned and abused children and One Legacy, a foundation for organ transplants.

Milind Kumbhojkar
Manager, SQA Interactive Group, DirectTV

This presentation will look at SDLC and how QA works in the entire process. It will be an interactive session that will discuss how QA plays its part from inception to deployment. Practical examples will be covered and it will include the use of various methodologies including Agile and Waterfall.

Milind Kumbhojkar’s career in IT and QA spans over 20 years. He is currently the Manager of Software Quality Assurance at Directv. Prior to this he was at Symantec, Legal zoom.com, Bank of America and several other companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University at Northridge.

Tony Davis
Sr. Integration Test Lead

“Supercharged Integration Testing with Rapid Test Generation using mind-maps (An Experience Report)”

Our Company has adopted a novel approach that combines using mind maps in conjunction with pairwise test design methods. After carefully piloting the approach and overcoming some hurdles, we are applying it to large integration efforts and are gaining measurable benefits in terms of time, resources, and value. We’re able to achieve significantly more thorough testing, resulting in faster time to market, higher quality with same or less amount of effort. This presentation, geared towards testing practitioners and managers who want to take actionable ideas with them back to their teams, highlights what we’ve learned through our successes and failures along the way.

Specifically, we will present case studies that describe how we have used mind maps and pair-wise testing to successfully address these common testing challenges:

  • How can we better handle inconsistent and/or missing requirements in Integration Testing?
  • How can we address the challenge of Systems Under Test that are growing ever more complex?
  • How can test engineers create maximum testing coverage in a manageable number tests?
  • Once we’ve worked out highly-successful approaches, how can we spread adoption to the entire firm?

Tony Davis has maintained a QA focused career for over 20 years in various industries from Semi-Conductors, Biotech, Insurance and Financial at leader and contributor levels while maintaining a presence in local QM Volunteer Community and helping out peers. Tony is currently focusing on large scale integration testing programs for his employer. His current career path has led him to the opportunity of embedding concepts of integration testing in all test phases – from test planning to test execution – for participating teams . Leveraging the concepts of mind maps and pairwise testing being implemented within his current QA team, Tony is looking forward to taking the next step with Integration Testing and seeing teams excel at what is fast becoming a core area of testing, to support company initiatives focused on faster times to market and reduced cost.

Tanmay Bhide
Sr. Integration Test Lead

“Supercharged Integration Testing with Rapid Test Generation using mind-maps (An Experience Report)”

Our Company has adopted a novel approach that combines using mind maps in conjunction with pairwise test design methods. After carefully piloting the approach and overcoming some hurdles, we are applying it to large integration efforts and are gaining measurable benefits in terms of time, resources, and value. We’re able to achieve significantly more thorough testing, resulting in faster time to market, higher quality with same or less amount of effort. This presentation, geared towards testing practitioners and managers who want to take actionable ideas with them back to their teams, highlights what we’ve learned through our successes and failures along the way.

Specifically, we will present case studies that describe how we have used mind maps and pair-wise testing to successfully address these common testing challenges:

  • How can we better handle inconsistent and/or missing requirements in Integration Testing?
  • How can we address the challenge of Systems Under Test that are growing ever more complex?
  • How can test engineers create maximum testing coverage in a manageable number tests?
  • Once we’ve worked out highly-successful approaches, how can we spread adoption to the entire firm?
    Tanmay Bhide has been a QA practitioner for over 10 years across multiple domains – public services, financial services and consulting services. He is currently serving as an Integration Test Lead for a multi-year multi-million dollar effort at his current employer in addition to consulting on several large integration testing efforts. Tanmay’s use of mind-maps and pair-wise testing have bore the fruit of rapid test generation for a complex set of applications in integration testing with unforeseen collaboration between partner applications. Based on the successes of these techniques, the entire quality organization is looking to adopt and use this approach on all its efforts in the future.

    Adam Cooper
    Manager, Web Application Development, Dell | Quest Software

    “The Cloud: Not Just a bunch of Fluff”

    What is the cloud and why should you care?
    It’s hard to escape the cloud. Yet many people are confused about cloud computing. They think of the cloud as just a limited set of services (like hosted virtual machines or file storage), or they feel the cloud is not secure, or that it’s too hard to get started with, or they don’t realize that the cloud is still just a bunch of servers residing in data centers, like on premise servers. One wide-spread misconception is that the cloud will save money over more traditional hosting solutions. It turns out this is true only in a limited set of circumstances, which I will discuss.
    It is important to understand the cloud in order to decide whether it is right for you and your organization. Sometimes a hybrid model of cloud and on premise solutions is the right choice. Other applications may benefit from going all in. And some software is best left to traditional data centers.
    I will try and demystify the cloud and give scenarios in which it might be the right solution, or at least part of the right solution for your needs. I will particularly discuss Amazon Web Services (AWS) as it is significantly larger than its competitors, and arguably has the most breadth of offerings.

    Adam Cooper has been architecting, designing, and developing technology solutions for over 12 years. He manages a team responsible for high availability, performant, global Web applications. Adam has overseen numerous large-scale cloud projects on Amazon AWS, which have resulted in significant productivity gains and cost reductions for his employer. Some of his more notable AWS projects include standing up a large SharePoint 2013 farm in the cloud and creating an application that stores hundreds of thousands of files for secure upload and download by end users throughout the world.
    Adam earned a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University, and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. He has worked at several Fortune 100 companies and has applied his technical skills in many industries including consulting, investment banking, hardware, media, semiconductors, and software. When not busy at work, Adam can be found playing with his twin boys, cooking in the kitchen, or reading about AWS, JavaScript, PowerShell, or software design best practices.

    Stephanie Hall
    Director, Data Center Global Operations Corporate Information Technology, Jacobs

    “Rightsizing Services: A Service Design discussion”

    Are your services defined? Are you really getting what you’ve paid for? Is your infrastructure, cloud, or SaaS provider fulfilling expected availability and recoverability? Learn why you need a current service catalog and the key considerations for “right-sizing” these services for improved cost-effective availability, recoverability and performance. Learn why you need to define your services by what you are willing to spend.
    Why? Rightsizing is grounded on four key principles:

    • Knowing the business value of your services.
    • Understanding how your services are interdependent.
    • Validating the disaster recovery capabilities of cloud and SaaS providers
    • Understanding the total cost of your services.

    Stephanie Hall is an IT leader with 14 years’ experience in infrastructure operations with a record of accomplishment deploying ITIL processes, maturing disaster recovery programs, and executing complex projects through strong leadership of multi-disciplinary teams. In her role with Jacobs, she leads global data centers, disaster recovery and other initiatives designed to mature service operation capabilities. Previously, Stephanie spent ten years working with KPMG’s Advisory and Client Support Services aiding in the success of several Fortune 500 clients.
    Stephanie is a Certified Data Center Design Professional (CDCDP), Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), a Member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI), a Project Management Professional (PMP) and is also ITIL certified. She completed her undergraduate education at Chapman University, where she earned a B.S. in Computer Information Systems along with a B.A. in Organizational Leadership.

    Phillip Leclair
    CIO- Chief Information Officer, City Of Pasadena

    “Pasadena’s Journey to Open Data”

    Governments around the globe are working to make data easy for the public to discover, access and use. This is fueling entrepreneurship and economic growth, promoting innovation and scientific discovery, increasing operational efficiencies, reducing costs, improving the delivery of services to the public, and driving increased transparency and accountability. Learn about Pasadena’s journey and how Open Data is helping to reshape and improve some of our most challenging issues.

    Phillip Leclair is the Chief Information Officer for the City of Pasadena and is responsible for leading innovation initiatives through use of technology, creating new online and mobile service delivery models, and maintaining efficient and effective IT operations.

    Prior to joining the City of Pasadena, Phillip was an IT consultant with a Los Angeles based IT Management and Strategy consulting firm responsible for IT strategic planning, project management services and web development practices. In a prior role, Phillip worked for the New York City Department of Finance providing internal IT consulting services and managing multiple system implementation initiatives focused on property valuation, taxation and payment systems.

    Phillip holds a BA degree in Economics from the University of California Berkeley and a MBA from New York University Stern School of Business.

    Cindy McKenzie
    Managing Director, PWC

    “Disruptive Technology Trends: From Social and Mobile….to the Internet of Things”

    Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud are just the beginning. Technology is rapidly changing and the speed in which CIOs and IT organizations need to adapt is accelerating. What are the disruptive IT technologies that you need to be aware of? What are ways that these technologies can help enable your company’s business strategies? How are successful organizations adapting to embrace these technologies? This session will review the results from PwC’s 2014 Digital IQ survey of CIOs and the CEO Survey as well as providing examples of how these technologies enable business areas from marketing to billing.

    Cindy McKenzie is a Managing Director with PwC’s Entertainment, Media and Communications (EMC) practice working to enable content companies to develop technology strategies and solutions focusing on customer engagement, cloud strategy, information management, rights, third party payments and operational effectiveness. Prior to joining PwC, Cindy was Senior Vice President, Information Technology for Fox Entertainment Group where she was responsible for developing and delivering shared application services to over 10,000 employees for Fox and News Corporation companies around the world. Prior to joining Fox, Cindy was Vice President of Information Systems at Sony Pictures Entertainment where she provided IT services to the Motion Picture and TV Production, Studio Operations, Special Effects and Digital Studio divisions She was honored in 2012 as one of Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders.

    Vadim Parizher
    Sr. Director, Enterprise Architecture, Allergan

    “Developing Innovative Frameworks for Selecting Mobile Platforms”

    rovisioning of laptops for staff has been one of the traditional IT services. However, this seemingly commodity service has been greatly disrupted with the introduction of tablets into the enterprise workplace. Who should be given a tablet and which applications will run on it? What is the scenario when a tablet replaces a laptop? A large organization may have hundreds (sometimes more than a thousand) software applications in its inventory. This presentation discusses a framework to tackle difficult questions of mapping roles, applications and hardware to offer a practical path to a single device strategy.

    Vadim Parizher has been in technical and executive leadership positions with the leading Southern California Companies over the past 20 years. With experience in the Government, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Insurance and Life Sciences industries, he has developed deep understanding of complex IT issues and tremendous opportunities. Starting his career as a software developer, he became one of the early adopters of enterprise Java running on mobile devices. As an executive, he has built large global enterprise services and development teams. Vadim is currently leading Enterprise Architecture at Allergan, a Fortune 500 life sciences company based in Irvine, CA.

    Soraya Peters
    VP, Healthcase Communication Technology, Hospital Association of Southern California

    “Why Mobile Apps?”

    There are over two million Mobile Apps (Apple and Android) and rapidly growing, for entertainment, gaming, informative, educational mobile apps. Many companies are using mobile apps to promote their brand and awareness. Your business can and must consider to have Mobile Apps.. You know your customer/audience the best. Create an App that is useful, valuable and more importantly, FUNCTIONAL.

    Soraya Peters is the Vice President of Healthcare Communication Technology of ReddiNet, a Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) Service. ReddiNet is a dedicated emergency medical communications network which facilitates information exchange among hospitals, EMS agencies, paramedics, dispatch centers, law enforcement, homeland security, public health officials and other healthcare system professionals in local and regional communities.

    Soraya is a graduate of West Coast University and holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. Her skills and areas of expertise include project management, operations, team leadership, technical support, and system engineering. She is a member of National Association of Professional Women and was selected as a “VIP Women of the Year” for 2013 -2014.

    Soraya has lived in Southern California over 36 years. In addition to the demands of her job, Soraya enjoys jogging, swimming, reading and taking care of her family. She is a proud mother of two daughters- Ida, who is studying at Hastings University Law School, and Sheida, who is a student in the Vanderbilt University Masters in Education program.

    Kersten Buck
    Staffing Industry Analysts

    “Trends in IT Staffing, Today, Tomorrow and into the future.”

    Please join this session to hear about how the latest trends in staffing and the technology used to manage it will impact IT staffing and the people filling the jobs.
    We will discuss:

    • Latest trends and forecast for the staffing industry
    • What are the hot skills in certain markets
    • How the job search has changed and how the skilled workers can take advantage of the changes ahead to stay ahead of the game

    The future looks bright and the game is changing, stay aware of the changes and up with the times.

    Kersten Buck has extensive domestic and global experience in Staffing and Contingent Workforce Management. She has held executive positions in Sales, Operations, Outsourcing Solutions, Consulting, IC Compliance, Global MSP Services, and Implementations. Her hands-on practice in translating client needs to operational solutions resulted in programs with measurable results and continued improvement in reducing cost and increasing program adoption with successful supplier participation. Kersten provides strategy and analysis for both the staffing supplier and buying needs of those looking at high end outsourcing, and contract services to support Contingent Workforce Management.

    Mark Deo
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions, Dale Carnegie Training of Los Angeles

    “Use Stress to Fuel your Relationships and Results”

    Technology can surely be leveraged for greater efficiency and accelerated results. However this has increased the speed of business and can strain relationships which create stress. This presentation will provide attendees with ways to reduce and cope with stress whether it is from technology, relationships or increased work demands. We introduce some very tangible and practical tools that will help attendees to immediate implement some methods to use stress to fuel their efforts and engagement. Some topics addressed:

    • Identify how you react under pressure
    • Recognize work habits that are adding to your stress
    • Prioritize multiple demands and increase your efficiency
    • Create space in your work and personal life to avoid burnout
    • Demonstrate greater effectiveness through improved emotional intelligence

    This highly interactive, one hour preview talk is a condensed preview to our time spaced and immersion Stress and Worry program.

    For over 20 years Mark has worked directly with senior-level leaders in nearly every industry sector including technology, bio-tech, electronics, manufacturing and many service-based businesses. Formerly president of Nikko Electronics (subsidiary of Yamaha) and a founding board member of Accesspoint International, a NYSE technology firm, Mark is a leading advocate of business. He has appeared on FOX television and his articles have been published by Business Week, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Money and numerous other publications. For 15 years Mark hosted the CBS radio show, “The Small Business Hour” and in 2003 was voted “Journalist of the Year” by the Small Business Administration. He is author of USA Today best-seller, Rules of Attraction and for nearly 2 decades has been an active instructor for Dale Carnegie Training, where he currently fills the role of Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions in Long Beach.

    Ann Marie Griffin
    Executive Coach – Life Coach, Smart Working Careers

    “Get Hired: How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Hiring Managers—
    and Take a Job That Fits Perfectly”

    You’ve heard it all before. It’s a crowded job market. Job boards are a black hole.
    Recruiters get piles of resumes for just one job. Fewer full-time jobs are
    available. Is there ANY good news for today’s job hunter?
    YES! You can make yourself irresistible to hiring managers by following a
    few simple guidelines.
    Ann Marie Griffin, Executive Coach and Owner of SmartWorking LLC, will show you how to get hired in a job that fits perfectly!
    Learn how to:

    • Turn hiring managers into adoring fans
    • Get way more interviews and call backs
    • Be the right amount of picky to get noticed
    • Create ease and enjoyment in your interviews
    • Sell “you” with the skill of a well-run business

    Ann Marie Griffin will teach you how to make your career work for you.
    She coaches motivated, top-performing professionals to assemble the key building blocks required for profitable, self-sustaining, and satisfying careers – and to get hired into jobs that fit! With Ann Marie, you’ll build a smart and relevant personal brand to promote your unique inventory of marketable skills and talents.

    Ann Marie Griffin will teach you how to make your career work for you.
    She coaches motivated, top-performing professionals to assemble the key building blocks required for profitable, self-sustaining, and satisfying careers – and to get hired into jobs that fit! With Ann Marie, you’ll build a smart and relevant personal brand to promote your unique inventory of marketable skills and talents.

    Dianne Gubin
    Director, Amplify Roundtables

    “Sales? No… Not Me! I’m Technical!”

    Quick and Easy to Remember Sales Tips for Technical Professionals.
    Here are techniques you can use every day to help get what you want both personally and professionally.

    Ever feel that you don’t have the right skills, or maybe it’s just the right words, to sell your ideas to management, project sponsors, your boss… or maybe even your significant other? Want to learn insider secrets to negotiate a raise or salary increase? During this highly interactive session we’ll discuss proven and easy to remember techniques to use in your professional and personal life.

    Sometimes in the business world you meet a “Natural”, a business person who loves what they’re doing. That’s Dianne Gubin. With energy in abundance, enthusiasm and huge smile, Dianne is a natural connector and a networker extraordinaire.
    Dianne’s career includes over 20 years of B2B sales and account management. She works with Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and fast-growth companies. Her work includes selling staffing and consulting services across industries.
    Currently, Dianne is a Partner with Amplify Professional Services, Inc. a leading provider of direct hire and staff augmentation services for IT related projects. Prior to this, Dianne was responsible for business development at a billion dollar staffing agency, as well as a project management company.
    A consummate networker, Dianne co-directs Amplify Roundtables which are intimate executive level programs and networking events designed to foster long term relationships with peer professionals across industries. She is the former founder and director of Women in Technology International – Los Angeles (WITI-LA).
    Dianne’s speaking and coaching programs have helped many with their professional development and entrepreneurial pursuits. She is a frequent speaker for professional organizations, as well as a media guest expert. Her specialties include issues related to career, business, and women entrepreneurship.
    A graduate of the University of Connecticut with a degree in journalism, Dianne lives with her family in the Los Angeles area.

    Jim McLaughlin
    Morrison McNabb

    “Creating Your PFI…Your Powerful First Impression”

    Self-promotion can be a daunting task, particularly for the left-brained, analytic thinker. We often get tongue-tied, or even doubtful about how to truly express ourselves in a way that impacts others in a profound and positive way. But whether we’re promoting ourselves, forming relationships with our teams, or sharing a vision for a successful launch, there are simple and effective ways that are natural and genuine that have you really connect with people in a way that has them take action.

    Jim McLaughlin spent the great bulk of his professional life managing projects of one sort or another, from geotechnical studies for land developers, to custom software development for Fortune 500 companies.

    He received his undergraduate degree in geology from the University of the Pacific, and more recently earned an MBA at San Diego State University.

    His current “projects” are businesses. Since 2009 he has been working with business owners and managers in a wide variety of fields identifying and removing barriers to their optimal performance.

    Jim is a popular and engaging speaker, a member of Toastmasters International since 2006, and founder of Twin Cities Business Leaders Toastmasters Club 1668129 in Murrieta, California.

    Jim also organizes TEDxTemecula, a locally organized TED event, where local thought leaders are brought to a world stage, highlighting themselves, and the community.

    He’s lived in Temecula, California with his amazing wife and delightful young sons since 2007.

    Dori Neuman
    Sr. Human Resources Recruiter, ADP

    “Technology and the Generations At Work”

    In a World where we are all connected, one opinion turns quickly into everyone’s opinion. How you build
    trust in your brand, your business and yourself is going to be in important part of how your business is
    going to continue to evolve and grow.” From the Book “Six Pixels of Separation” by Mitch Joel…
    Companies who want to compete in a global market need to compete on a global level and need to
    embrace a variety of workers. Diversity is an important asset for every company today. Where your
    employees have a variety of perspectives, they can help your business flourish…
    As we study the different generations, we also need to study how technology affected and currently
    affects the generations at work.
    As we age the shift is to the left:


    Traditionalists – 1925 – 1944 – 55 million
    Boomers – 1945 – 1962 – 76 Million
    GEN X – 1963 – 1981 46 Million
    MILENNIALS – GEN Y – 1982- 2000 – 75 Million
    2020 Generation – 2000 – 2020 – 41 Million

    Do you know why the numbers are lower for Generation X and Generation 2020 also known as
    Generation C? By attending this session you will learn why.

    Dori Neuman has over 20 years of expertise in Business Development, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Management Consulting,

    Dori began her career as a Technical Recruiter with Computer Careers and later held positions as a Regional Marketing and Recruiting Manager for Computer Horizons and Coopers & Lybrand to name a few. Dori also had her own consulting practice for 10 years and consulted to Fortune 500 and 100 Companies in the areas of IT Consulting and Talent Acquisition.

    Today, Dori works for ADP as a Senior Technical Recruiter supporting Corporate Systems as well as other divisions across multiple locations.

    Dori received her Certificate in Human Resource Management from the College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona and majored in Management and Human Resources while attending Cal Poly Pomona. Dori currently teaches The Recruitment, Selection and Placement class as well as the Human Resource Management Overview class in the HR Certification Program at Cal Poly Pomona’s Extended University.

    Dori also directed, produced and hosted a community cable show,
    Duarte At the Crossroads for 5 years where she interviewed local members of the community, law enforcement, and other supporting organizations to the community.

    Dori is on the Speakers Bureau for City of Hope National Medical Center and is a well-known career coach and mentor.

    In her spare time, Dori enjoys spending time as a career coach and mentor, as well as spending time with family and friends.

    Paul M. Dooley
    MBA, IT Service Manager, ITIL V3 Expert, Optimal Connections LLC

    Paul is the President and Principal Consultant of Optimal Connections LLC. With over 30 years of experience in planning and managing technology services, Paul has held numerous positions in both support and management. Experience includes working for such companies as Motorola, FileNet, and QAD. He is also experienced in IT services infrastructure development, support center consolidation, and deployment of web portals and Knowledge Management Systems. Currently Paul delivers a variety of services to IT organizations, including Support Center Analyst and Manager training, ITIL Foundation and Intermediate Level training, Best-practice Assessments, Support Center Audits, and general IT Consulting. Paul is a certified ITIL Expert, on the HDI Faculty, and trains for ITpreneurs, Global Knowledge, Quickstart Intelligence, Phoenix TS, and other IT training organizations.

    Matt Haag
    PMP, Molina Healthcare

    Matthew Haag has nearly 30 years IT experience holding every position from programmer to Software Manager to Product Manager. His experience covers aerospace, manufacturing, data centers, dot-coms, and medical.
    Matt Haag currently works as the Service Management Platform owner for the Service Management Office of the CIO and has seven years’ experience promoting IT Service Management best practices, including six years on the leadership team for the local ITSMF USA Interest Group.

    Donna Holt
    ITIL Expert Level, HelpDeskXlence

    Donna is an IT Support Center Turnaround Specialist and IT Service Management professional with 20+ years of experience in help desk implementation, management and training. Donna is certified at the ITIL Expert Level and deliveries certification courses at all levels of the discipline. She has lead 98% of her students to successfully sit the Certification Exam. As a member of the HDI Steering Committee helped set Help Desk Industry Standards and best practices criteria for Help Desk Individual Certification.

    Randy A. Steinberg
    Co-Principal, Migration Technologies

    Randy A. Steinberg is a Co-Principal at Migration Technologies with over 25 years of extensive IT Service Management and operations experience gained around the world. He was the lead author for ITIL 2011 Service Operation book. He was an early ITIL champion and served a stint as Global Head of Service Management for a worldwide media company with 176 operating centers around the globe. Randy is also the author of several popular ITIL books: Implementing ITIL, Measuring ITIL, Servicing ITIL and Architecting ITIL, and has been a frequent speaker around the US for a number of nat’l organizations that focus on IT Service Management. His background includes all facets of IT service management for operations, applications, supporting technologies and organizational solutions. He holds an ITIL V3 Expert and ITIL V2 Service Manager designation and is also Practitioner and ISO20000 Consultant certified.

    Ray Ybarra
    Account Executive, OnX

    Ray is an Account Executive at OnX. He has over 30 years of experience in Operations & Technology in both the large publicly held corporate environment as well as in small-medium privately held organizations. As a technologist, Ray’s role is to provide customers and partners with world class services and recommendations. Ray has helped many companies optimize their IT investments by successfully architecting, implementing and managing business-critical computing environments.

    Paul Doris
    IT Manager, Sony Pictures Entertainment

    Over 21 years in Information Technology (IT): 10 years in IT Financial Services, 7 years in non-profit, 2 years in IT Healthcare, and 2 years in IT Entertainment.

    PMP certified, sixteen years in program/project management, with emphasis on consulting, risk analysis, application/database design, software development, business intelligence, eCommerce, and hardware infrastructure implementations with increasing responsibility and proven performance in large complex network and data center environments.

    Strong hands on project management experience with demonstration of sound decision-making skills, prioritizing and resolving issues in an appropriate and timely manner.

    Wendy Hershman
    Vice President of Human Resources, Amerita, Inc.

    Wendy has 10 years of human resource leadership experience and over 20 years of general business experience including Payroll and Accounting. Wendy is currently the Vice President of Human Resources for Amerita, Inc a Specialty Infusion company focused on providing complex pharmaceutical products and clinical services to patients outside of the hospital. Wendy is responsible for developing and building a foundation that attracts, retains, motivates and manages the people assets needed to achieve company goals. Prior to Amerita, Inc Wendy served as a Human Resource professional at the telematics technology company Spireon Inc., with responsibility for managing the day-to-day operations of the Human Resource program for its more than 400 employees. Prior to Spireon, Wendy served in a human resource leadership function with the global medical technology company, Masimo Corporation, where she worked in the corporate office supporting its global operation of more than 3,500 employees and roughly $550 million in revenue. Prior to Masimo, Wendy joined America’s largest HDTV company, Vizio Inc., when they only had roughly 20 employees, to help them develop the Human Resource and Payroll Operation. Today, Vizio earns roughly $3 billion in revenue. While at the Fortune 200 company and real estate developer, Lennar Corporation, Wendy worked as a regional human resource professional for a $6 billion region with over 2,100 employees. Wendy has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Arizona State University and a Masters of Human Resources from Chapman University.

    Sandra Langhammer
    Director, Cross Functional Application Support, LA Times/Tribune Publishing

    Sandra Langhammer serves as a Director overseeing Cross Functional Systems for the Enterprise at Tribune Publishing. Prior to this role, she held a position as Manager of Advertising Production Systems with a team of 15 reporting to her. The priority for these managed areas was to ensure uptime with the goal of establishing little or no impact to the business. Sandra’s 16 years of experience from the days of the Los Angeles Times and the many transformations to the Tribune Publishing of today, has exposed her to many challenges including coordinating and staffing for these changes as business needs evolve.

    Sandra is transplant to the beach area where she and her husband have spent many hours training for the four marathons and multitude of 10k’s they have run. With her marathon days on hiatus but still doing short runs, she has added golfing (as if work was not challenging enough) swimming, SUP and biking for those moments of leisure. And, with a beach home requiring more regular upkeep, she now has additional resourcing challenges to manage and to keep tabs on.

    Gary Bernstein
    IT Engineering Manager

    Gary is an IT Engineering Manager with over 30 years of experience. He has worked in industries such as Financial Services, Entertainment, Automotive, Oil and Gas and Distribution and performed in a variety of roles such as Business Systems Analyst, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, IT Auditor, IT Engineering and Executive Support. With practical worldwide experience having worked in South America, Austral-Asia and European facilities, he brings a unique perspective on delivering services to a global workforce including the enablement of offshore resources.

    As an IT Manager, Gary is responsible for the analysis, design and ultimate delivery of IT infrastructure and services to a global workforce.

    Lorena Connolly
    Senior Software QA Director, Experian

    Lorena Connolly is the Senior Software QA Director at Experian Consumer Services. She is a has 30 years multi-discipline expertise. She recently transformed her team from a business-unit specific QA group to a shared service supporting multiple business units, platforms, and products. Successfully guided QA team through a data center migration. Recent work in Service Operations and Service Transition phases of ITIL. She has thirty years of leadership experience, team and leadership development, coaching, producing excellent and measurable results.

    Hilary Palmer
    Director Project Management Strategic Services, The Irvine Company Apartment Communities

    Hilary loves to start new things. She considers herself a Vision Partner and loves to collaborate on big, complex projects with other talented and highly-conceptual leaders. She has over 20 years-experience as a Project Manager on both business process and technical projects. Her current role as Director of Project Management Strategic Services at the Irvine Company puts her back on the business side helping executives usher in organizational change, enhance business processes, and partner with IT on technical components of a project. Prior to her role at The Irvine Company, she maintained her own consulting practice where she project-managed mostly system development projects while trying her hand in a number of large-scale entrepreneurial concepts. Before her consulting practice, she was Director of Automation & Tools at EarthLink managing a team of Project Managers and BA’s overseeing enhancements to EarthLink’s enterprise Call Center system and a wide range of business-side initiatives.

    Lynda Murray-Thomas
    Program Manager- IT Solutions Delivery, NBCUNiversal, Inc.

    Lynda Murray-Thomas is an IT Program Manager at NBCUniversal. At NBCUniversal, she has been responsible for leading multi-million dollar application development efforts for Universal Studios Hollywood, The Golf Channel, and Sprout Children’s Network. Prior to working at NBCUniversal, she worked as an IT Consultant at Disney, Warner Brothers, UCLA, The Los Angeles Times and Southern California Edison. Her area of specialization is implementing large scale revenue and financial systems.

    Lynda is a doctoral candidate at University of Maryland, and holds a BA in East Asian Area Studies from USC and an MBA in Information Systems from Cal Poly Pomona. She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM). She lives Altadena with her husband, Michael Thomas, and son Brandon. She loves golfing, travelling, and spinning.

    Dinesh Srirangpatna
    PMP, CSM

    Dinesh is a well known IT thought leader at IDC and frequently quoted in media on product launches. He provides business and technology consulting to Fortune 500 clients like HP, Xerox, Samsung etc. He has been involved in industry initiatives such as Mobile Print Alliance (Mopria) and Printing Working Group (PWG). He has over 20 years of IT experience spanning Big Data, Cloud, Mobility and traditional IT architecture. He is a certified PMP, PRINCE, CSM with a passion to evangelize Agile practices and disruptive technology in both enterprise and mid market companies. He has previously worked at Samsung, HP, HCL Technologies over the course of his career in diverse roles.

    Ayan Roy
    MBA Principal, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP

    Ayan is a Principal at EY with extensive experience in a wide variety of information security and information technology advisory activities for a wide range of clients. He has worked on a number of Identity and Access Management (IAM) engagements and presently serves as the sub-competency leader for IAM within the Information Security Center of Excellence. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pune and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

    Relevant experience:

    • Lead several Information Security and Information Technology (IT) advisory projects for Fortune 500 companies with over 15 years’ experience
    • Managed deployment teams of over 50 resources on projects with project/annual program budgets ranging from $1M to $30M
    • Served as the IAM Program Lead in deploying and managing IAM Programs at several large Healthcare companies (Payor and Provider)
    • Served as the trusted business and risk advisor to several key executives (CEO, CIO, CTO and CSO)
    • Performed Information Security and IT benchmarking for several Fortune 500 companies
    • Developed Information Security and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) IT compliance strategies for several Fortune 500 companies
    • Developed Net Present Value (NPV), Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models to support the business case for future initiatives, performed Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) for information security initiatives
    • Assisted a large Healthcare company in transforming access management functions across 8 geographically dispersed locations in North America for 200K employees, contingent workers and affiliate users
    • Developed IAM business case, requirements, implementation roadmap, strategy and architecture for several Fortune 100 companies. Conducted facilitated sessions, gathered and analyzed requirements and developed implementation architecture for the single sign-on, web access control, user provisioning, identity analytics, identity intelligence and web services infrastructure
    • Led the deployment of IAM solutions to secure cloud based applications and mobile applications
    • Conducted several IT Assessments including architectural reviews and developed implementation roadmaps, business cases for future projects to meet enable business and mitigate risks
    • Lead the design, development and implementation of several innovative IT solutions to meet business objectives and reduce risk
    • Successfully deployed leading practice products as enterprise services to reduce programming effort and time to market
    • Managed the implementation of the Identity Management solutions for several leading financial services and Healthcare companies. Developed and optimized the process for role, policy definition user acceptance testing, performance testing, operational readiness, communication plan, training documents, post production support and governance structure leading to improved operational efficiency and regulatory compliance
    • Thought leader in several Information Security domains and presented at several leading information security conferences

    Hector Rodriguez
    MBA, National Director, Health & Life Sciences Industry Technology Unit, Microsoft U.S. Health & Life Sciences

    Since 2004 Hector has been the Industry Chief Technology Officer and Strategist for Microsoft’s Health Plans and Provider Group. In 2012 Hector became the National Director of the US Health & Life Sciences Industry Technology Unit where he focuses on the development and deployment of Microsoft’s “go to market” Healthcare IT solutions and strategies. He is a member of Microsoft’s Health & Life Sciences leadership team and frequently collaborates with internal and external organizations to advance the needs of the healthcare industry. His team works with Health Plans, Providers, Life Sciences Organizations, Health and Human Services and industry partners and analysts to establish Healthcare IT solutions as strategic business assets that enable them to reduce operational and medical costs, drive patient/member engagement, improve quality of care and service, and enable community health initiatives. Key solution areas include healthcare transformation, the extended patient journey and care continuum, HIPAA/HITECH compliance, multi-language health care literacy, health improvement technologies and electronic medical records, patient engagement, cloud computing, business intelligence, and predictive analytics for healthcare. Hector works extensively with industry groups including WEDI-SNIP, HL/7, AHIP, HIMSS, HITRUST and CAQH/CORE and is currently a board member of the Samueli Institute – an organization dedicated to the science of wellness and healing.

    Hector began his career in 1982 as a software engineer at Bell Research Laboratories and has been in the IT business for over 30 years. Hector earned his M.B.A. in Management Finance and Entrepreneurship at Rutgers Graduate School of Management and his B.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers University.

    Hank Mondaca
    VP Western Region, Sonic Mobile USA

    Hank Mondaca is VP, Sonic Mobile USA and mobile solution specialist. Hank provides mobile education and consulting services to marketing professionals, SMB owners and entrepreneurs. As an advocate for smart, effective mobile marketing channels, Hank leads workshops and speaks about how to grow your business with Mobile Marketing techniques. An entrepreneur in the Marketing & Advertising industry for 19 years, Hank has vast experience in not only the technological aspect of Mobile Marketing, but also the ability of how to apply this medium to maximize your marketing results.

    Jack Bicer
    MBA, Founder & CEO, Sekur Me

    Jack Bicer is the inventor of “Uninstall” and “Automatic Software Updates”, that run on every computer and every smartphone today. Previously CEO of Septium, a custom software development company, he has held several CTO roles since 1996.
    A 30+ year software industry veteran, Jack is an industry expert on mobile applications, authentication, SaaS/web software, and payment processing. Previously at Verisign, Symantec and Xerox, he holds a BSc in Communications Engineering from University of Kent, an MSc in Computer Science from George Washington University and attended the Pepperdine MBA program.
    In 2002, Jack founded TechBiz Connection, one of the largest non-profit technology management associations in Southern California, to help technology entrepreneurs and high tech executives.

    Beth Jones
    Manager, Cybersecurity Management, Southern California Edison

    Beth Jones is currently a Risk Assessment Manager at Southern California Edison. She leads a team that performs risk assessments to identify, assess and report on cybersecurity risk.

    In addition to risk assessment, Beth worked at SCE nearly 10 years as a senior internal auditor and audit project manager. Her audit projects included data & information management audits, application audits, information security best practices, Cybersecurity audits (PKI), general computer controls assessments, disaster recovery /business continuity, NERC and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) controls.

    Prior to SCE, Beth has led information security projects for over fifteen years at companies including Arco, Healthnet and Security Pacific. She holds a Bachelors Degree from Johns Hopkins University. She received a project management certificate from University of California Irvine Extension. She is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA®). Beth originally hails from New Jersey.

    Greg Nelson
    Information Security Manager, Toyota Financial Services

    Greg has led many information security programs in the financial services industry for over fifteen years. His current role as Information Security Manager at Toyota Financial Services is to manage the delivery of local and global solutions in the areas of anti-malware, application whitelisting, vulnerability and patch management, data loss prevention, email encryption, intrusion detection, incident response, and security information and event management. Greg has recently earned an MBA Finance from California State University, Fullerton, and he spends his free time mountain biking, playing sports with his kids, and reading sci-fi novels and comics.

    Shane Thoney
    VP Information Security, Union Bank

    Mike Villegas
    Vice President , K3DES, LLC

    Miguel (Mike) O. Villegas is Vice President for K3DES, LLC. He performs quality assurance and conducts Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) assessments for K3DES clients. He also manages the K3DES ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification program.

    Mike has over 30 years of information systems security and IT audit experience. He was previously Director of Information Security at Newegg, Inc. and was Vice President & Technology Risk Manager for Wells Fargo Services where he was responsible for IT Regulatory
    Compliance. Prior to that, he served as a partner at both Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young in their information
    systems security and IS audit groups over a span of nine years.
    Mike holds certifications as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a GIAC Security Professional (GSEC) and as a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). Also, he is a Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor (PA QSA). Additionally, Mike has taught CISA review courses for over 17 years.

    Duane L Nicholson
    Founder and Principal Consultant for N.B.D. Consulting Services

    Mr. Nicholson is the founder and Principal Consultant for N.B.D. Consulting Services, a management consulting service focused on
    business process optimization and solution assessment. He possess more than 20 years of experience across the restaurant, retail and the insurance industries, 10 of them as a manager. Over his career, he has consistently proven his ability to make sound decisions through qualitative and quantitative analysis. Mr. Nicholson is recognized as both a professional with business savvy and technical literacy. Duane is known for overcoming challenging environments, people, and processes. He makes his mark by using original ideas to solve business problems.

    Duane is the current President of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) – Orange County Chapter and this is his 3rd year with the Southland Technology Conference. His previous contributions were writing press releases in 2012 and Sponsor Organization Marketing Chair in 2013.

    Mr. Nicholson is extremely passionate about personal development and career growth. For this reason, he volunteers as a mentor for his alma mater, University Redlands School of Business.

    Robin Duong Peters
    Manager, Business Systems Analysts, Mitchell International

    As Manager of Business Systems Analysis, Robin leads the Product Owners on Agile Scrum Teams. In this role, she is responsible for analysis of software requirements and implementation of new features and change requests with the product delivery organization. Robin has been with Mitchell International for 9 years and has worked in Enterprise Software Development for 15+ years with experience ranging from Development, Quality Assurance, and Product Management.

    Jeanette Pigeon
    CBAP, CSPO, Sierra-Cedar

    Jeanette M. Pigeon works in the Justice Public Sector group for Sierra-Cedar, Inc. Sierra-Cedar, Inc. was formed as the result of a July 2014 merger, combining the operations of Sierra Systems US, Inc., CedarCrestone, Inc., Io Consulting, Inc., and Analytic Vision, Inc. Sierra-Cedar is part of Sierra-Cedar Group, Inc., one of the largest, independent North American IT services companies. Together with our Canadian affiliate, Sierra Systems Group Inc., the organization has over 2,000 professionals working in the US and Canadian markets with global delivery capabilities in both countries and Hyderabad, India.
    As a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®), Jeanette is a change agent by birth and a product owner by choice, with a passion for creating successful products. Her broad and deep experience as a technical business analyst, project manager, and system integration specialist builds a strong foundation for her work as a product owner. In addition to her consulting work, she teaches in the Business Analyst Certificate Program for UCI Extension and serves as an Advisory Board member for the BA certificate program.
    An avid outdoor enthusiast, when Jeanette isn’t working she enjoys standup paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, hiking and cycling.

    Betsy Stockdale
    Business Architect, Seilvel

    Betsy Stockdale is a Business Architect at Seilevel, a business analysis consulting firm whose mission is to redefine the way software requirements are created. The Seilevel team provides business analysis assessment, mentoring, training and staffing services for F1000 companies across the US. They also help companies modify their approach to software requirements to be more effective, so IT projects deliver their intended business value. Betsy is responsible for leading projects to develop requirements following Seilevel’s Requirements Modeling Language (RML™). Betsy has also been accepted for PMI’s Professional Business Analysis certification program.

    Business Analysis Experience

    • Developed requirements for a variety of systems such as: policy administration system, online reconstruction program, card on file for future purchases, loan origination system, online site search, online product support, web services, project management, tool integrations, and business process design.
    • Led requirements teams for more than 20 projects.
    • Provided training for numerous organizations, and presented at events such as IIBA and PMI chapter meetings and IIBA and PMI professional development days, BA World and Product Camp Austin.
    • Led elicitation with end users, marketing, sales, and partners to define new product requirements. Worked with engineering to prioritize and implement requirements following both waterfall and agile processes.
    • Worked with clients such as Shell, UCLA, JPL, Union Bank, Argo Group, Dell, Discovery Channel, Dollar Store, Blue Cross/Blue Shield NJ, ARM, Pervasive, TYSY, Citigroup, Wellpoint, Credit Suisse.