Panel Discussions 2014

Past year’s attendees rave about the learning opportunities provided by SoTeC’s interactive Panel Discussions! The SoTeC Speaker Committee is proud to present four exciting and relevant Panel Discussions as part of the SoTeC 2014 program. All Panel Discussions will be moderated and provide an opportunity for conference attendees not only to hear from the panelists, but also to interact with both the panelists and their fellow attendees to maximize the sharing of information and experience.


Panel moderator will query panel about how they have carried out the activities of Continual Service Improvement (CSI), as suggested by ITIL. For example, what are the challenges, risks, and CSFs in these key CSI topic areas:

  • Creating and maintain a balanced scorecard of metrics measurements. How do you do it, keys to success, things to avoid – how it enables reporting.
  • A quality service reporting ‘framework; that utilizes the metrics adopted, and enables ‘gap analysis’, and identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Periodic and on-going surveys of key stakeholders – customers, users, and support staff
  • Periodic assessments and more formal audits of various key functions and processes (Service Desk, Security,etc.)
  • Benchmarking practices
  • Integrating CSI into key processes and functions through the ‘7 step improvement process’ (Service Desk, SLM, BRM, functional managers, etc.)
  • Panelists:


    You thought the interview went well. You even thought you would get a second interview or an offer but it didn’t happen. You wonder why. Come and hear a panel of Hiring Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents as they tell you about the interview from their perspectives. Learn what you did wrong and what you could have done differently.


    Knowledge Transfer

    It happens all of the time in every company. Your project is going through major staffing changes. Consultants are leaving, a merger is causing a downsize, people are being moved internally to other projects, the project is being outsourced or for any other reason, your project is experiencing a brain drain. What is the best way to have a knowledge transfer occur? Come and hear a panel of seasoned Managers, Directors and Project Practitioners discuss the best practices of knowledge transfer and the pitfalls to avoid.



    The panel will examine how to leverage mobile technology from both a marketing and operations perspective. The panel will touch upon practical tips based on client implementations – like productivity gains, barriers to adoption and best practices.



    What are the current issues in cyber-security today that keep the security team up at night? They range from security in a managed services environment, cloud security and data loss prevention. Come and hear a panel of cyber-security experts speak about the issues they deal with and what they do to keep their companies off the 11:00 PM news.


    Business Analyst

    “I don’t want to grow up to be a Project Manager, now what?”

    Career paths for Business Analysts (BA’s) who don’t want to become Project Managers (PM’s). What is out there? Find out about a future as a Business Architect, Business Intelligence Architect, Product Owner or Product Manager. How do you get there? What are the roles and responsibilities that are alike and different?