AP Case Study Speakers

Our Alliance Partner Committee has worked hard to bring you some companies partnering with us at the conference to present case studies. Please see the information for the speakers this year below.

SoTeC 2014 Alliance Partner Case Studies

Shelly Wright
Founder, Wright1 Consulting, Inc.

“Testing for the Mobile Internet World”

Per a January 2014 study by comScore, usage of mobile devices exceeds that of PCs for internet access; 47% by mobile apps and 8% by mobile browsers; leaving 45% for PCs. It is clear; we are becoming a mobile device centric society. This is not only changing what we develop, how we develop, and how we manage software, but it also changing the face of testing, to one geared towards testing for the mobile internet world.

Join Wright1 Founder, Shelly Wright, as she unpacks Wright1 case studies exploring testing approaches for a responsive web based system for various platforms and devices. Wright will explore major questions such as; does automation work for testing on mobile devices? Are we returning to manual testing for smart phones and tablets? Where does simulation fit in and does it work? What tools are available to help address the changing face of testing?
You will not want to miss this interesting exploration into testing for the mobile internet world.

Shelly Wright, PMP, CISA, CSM has over fifteen years of corporate hands-on project, process improvement, quality, and governance management experience. Wright has helped clients from startups through Fortune 500 businesses improve their IT systems with dramatic and sustainable results.

An innovative leader in IT and business strategy, Wright loves to share her passion for IT, simplifying technology so others can easily embrace it. Wright currently holds several corporate positions and is the Founder of Wright1 Consulting, Inc. In addition, she teaches project management and quality assurance principles on behalf of the University of Redlands and the University of California – Irvine Extension, and is an avid speaker sharing her passion for project and program management, governance, business analysis, process and quality efficiencies, tools and techniques with others.

Shelly holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Information Systems and is a Certified Project Management Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor and Certified ScrumMaster.®

Wayne Ariola
Chief Strategy Officer, Parasoft Corporation

“Accelerating the SDLC with Service Virtualization”

No matter what industry you’re in, software is increasingly becoming the interface to your business. Organizations that are able to increase the speed and quality of innovative software releases will capitalize on differentiable competitive advantages; those that cannot will languish behind competitors.
Not surprisingly, many enterprises have begun flirting with the idea of accelerating the SDLC to drive innovation through software. However, it’s critical to realize that there’s an optimal balance between speed and quality with software delivery—as with all engineered products. We’re in an era in which leading organizations must reassess the true “cost of quality” for software. Remember: the cost of quality isn’t the price of creating quality software—it’s the penalty or risk incurred by failing to deliver quality software.

As organizations begin to accelerate the SDLC, process bottlenecks will become evident. One of the bottlenecks that continue to plague SDLC acceleration is testing. At best, testing has been considered inevitable overhead. At worst, organizations have deferred quality processes to their customers, delivering a “real-time user acceptance test.” Psychologically, the malleable nature of software has allowed organizations to defer investment in testing. This results in technical debt.

This is why the concept of Service Virtualization has become a such hot topic lately . This session will explore how Service Virtualization enables leading organizations to accelerate the SDLC and reduce risks—via simulated test environments that promote earlier, faster, and more complete testing. It will touch upon research that highlights the business impacts of test environment access constraints, how Service Virtualization (SV) eliminates these constraints, the ROI of SV, and recommendations for organizations getting started with SV.

Wayne Ariola is the Chief Strategy Officer at Parasoft Corporation and is in charge of the development and execution of Parasoft’s long-term strategy. He leverages customer input and fosters partnerships with industry leaders to ensure that Parasoft solutions continuously evolve to support the ever-changing complexities of real-world business processes and systems. Ariola has contributed to the design of core Parasoft technologies and has been awarded several patents for his inventions.

A recognized leader on topics such as Service Virtualization, SOA and API quality, quality policy governance, and application security, Ariola is a frequent contributor to publications including Software Test & Performance, SOA World, and ebizQ—as well as a sought-after speaker at key industry events.

Ariola brings more than 20 years strategic consulting experience within the technology and software development industries. Prior to joining Parasoft, Ariola was Senior Director of Business Development for Fasturn, Inc., a company he helped to start. Previously, Ariola was a Principal Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he was recognized as a leader in the Strategic Change practice. Ariola joined Parasoft in March of 2003. He has a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a MBA from Indiana University.

Brian Dreyer
Director, Project Management Consultant, & CSM, Platinum Edge

“Agile Mining – How and Large Oil Sand Mining Operation Company used Agile Techniques to Lower Cost and Improve Safety”

Agile methods emphasize teamwork, visibility, and continuous improvement. A mining operation team in team grasped these concepts and applied them to great effect in the mining projects work they were doing. The results included an impressive direct savings of about ten million dollars per year, and much more in indirect savings as well as team morale and staff engagement were dramatically improved.

The company’s vision and leadership transformed a struggling department into an example of efficiency and effectiveness for the rest of the organization.

Brian Dreyer, a Director with Platinum Edge, and a frequent speaker on agile and scrum. He works with clients transitioning to agile and helps organizations capitalize on agile approaches to project management.

Previously as Vice President of Business Development at Climax Group, UK and as the founder of Watchdog Entertainment Brian has worked with companies such as Mattel, Microsoft, EA, Activision, Nintendo, Sony, Disney and is a credited Executive Producer on 17 video game titles.

Prior to Climax Group, Mr. Dreyer was Vice President of Sales and Marketing with a Beverly Hills based production company, The Machine, where he was responsible for company’s entertainment marketing strategies, as well as media technology partnerships.

Kevin Parikh
Global CEO, Sr. Partner, Avasant

“The Digital Enterprise. It’s Here. – What are you doing about it?”

Join Avasant CEO Kevin Parikh as he discussed the impact of digital, automation and the enterprise’s response to the changing technology terrain and its impact on outsourcing. The global economic slowdown, followed by the much debated jobless recovery, has often led to a public outcry against the perceived job losses, as a result of offshore outsourcing to developing countries. While offshore outsourcing remains controversial, few would argue a company’s right to derive economic benefits and competitive advantages achieved through these initiatives. There has been a demand to bring back outsourced IT and business functions in-house, by leveraging automation, and executing each function at a fraction of its previous cost. The question that needs to be answered is whether such a strategy is a utopia?

Kevin Parikh is the Global CEO and Sr. Partner of Avasant. Prior to joining Avasant, Mr. Parikh led the Global IT Sourcing practice for Gartner Consulting. Mr. Parikh specializes in IT and business process (BP) outsourcing, contract and service‑level negotiations, joint ventures, captive centers, strategic management, business risk evaluation and software licensing. His practice engages in both nearshore and offshore sourcing solutions. Based in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Parikh is a sought-out expert and speaker on digital enterprise, SMAC and has published numerous widely-distributed white papers and articles.
Over his career, Mr. Parikh has been involved in more than 350 IT sourcing and business transactions. These deals have ranged from US$20 million to US$2.5 billion, involving major Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers.
Mr. Parikh has also worked closely in support of government clients that seek to increase foreign direct investment (FDI). In this regard, he works on a global basis with the World Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. Government, and other United Nations funded and driven projects. As an attorney by training, he specializes in negotiating complex and global transactions where he works toward bridging the gaps between legal counsel and business team objectives.

He also was a U.S. Presidential appointee in the Clinton Administration for the One America Commission.
Mr. Parikh received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, in economics and political science and his Juris Doctor from American University. Mr. Parikh also completed his tenure as a California Senate Fellow in 1993.

Mark Galligan
Sr. Director Data Center Operations, First American Title

“Getting in Gear with the ServiceCatalog”

Today we are asked to do more with less. How can we do this and still succeed in top notch customer service? Service Catalog is one of the most powerful tools available to meet the demands of business today.

Mark is a dedicated IT professional and is passionate about improving IT operations and the services it offers. He has over 25 years of leadership, management and technology experience improving technology operations, IT services and customer satisfaction while reducing operating expense for Fortune 500 companies.
Mark has or has had the following professional responsibilities:
• Sr. Director Data Center Operations – First American Financial (current)
• Sr. Director IT Service Management – First American Financial
• Director IT Service Management – Pacific Life
• Director Data Center Operations – Pacific Life
• System Specialist – TRW
Mark is a member of itSMF USA – Greater Los Angeles LIG, HDI Orange County – Help Desk Institute, and Rational Users Group