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SoTeC has built a reputation over the past thirteen years for providing an environment for knowledgeable and interesting speakers to share their ideas and experience. The SoTeC 2012 Speaker Committee is dedicated to finding speakers who can cover a variety of technical, personal and leadership topics in an interactive and entertaining manner. Below you will find more information on the speakers and topics already confirmed for SoTeC 2012. Check back often a the speaker slate continues to grow!

Keynote Speakers

SoTeC 2012 Speakers & Panelists


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Maziar Adl
Senior Manager – Network and Platform Services, Xerox Americas Local Government, Xerox State Local Solutions, Inc.

TOPIC: Real World Proactive ITIL Continuous Improvement Practices

SESSION ABSTRACT: Moving from a reactive to pro-active organization improves customer satisfaction and provides superior service. Higher predictability and forward looking processes aligned to your business and technology environment promotes such values that can make the difference between good and great performing teams.

Our experience shows that using and adapting measures outlined in ITIL’s Problem, Configuration, Capacity, and Availability management areas combined with a strong Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process is effective in delivering results in support of a pro-active service organization. In this presentation – we will be sharing approaches for implementing these proactive ITIL best practices in your organization.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Maziar Adl is a Senior Manager of Network and Platform Services with Xerox Americas Local Government. He has over 15+ years of experience in software development and IT which includes providing IT and software solutions to fortune 500 companies with BearingPoint and acting as CEO/CIO for NuCredo LLC a startup he founded in 2003.

Maziar began his career at Xerox (formerly ACS) in 2008, where he managed the Application Services Group and later the Network and Platform Services Group on a major outsourcing contract. His efforts in transforming organizations in alignment with industry best practices and specifically ITIL has resulted in many improvements in the overall service. His main focus over the years has been on effective and efficient service delivery through preventive measures and operations excellence.

Maziar holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Sharif University of Technology and MS in Information and Operations Management from University of Southern California. He also holds certifications in ITIL Foundation, CSI, SS, SD, ST and SO.

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Kenneth Araki
Senior Attorney – Southern California Edison Company

TOPIC:Online Privacy in the Workplace and Beyond: What Keeps Your Lawyers Up at Night

SESSION ABSTRACT: Employees are emailing, texting and chatting on social media sites at work and from home. They use company computing equipment, but also their own notebooks, tablets and smart phones. And can you believe what they’re saying about each other, not to mention their supervisors and your company executives? We need policies to control this, but, wait, employees have their rights too.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Ken Araki is a Senior Attorney in the Contracts and Intellectual Property Law Section at Southern California Edison. He provides legal counsel to SCE and its affiliates on a broad range of commercial transactions and business projects, with a focus on technology licensing and implementation as well as emerging technology law issues.

He has been instrumental in creating company-wide policies on the use of technology, including social media, personal computing devices, open source software, and cloud computing solutions. He is broadly experienced in implementing electronic contracting and record keeping systems at SCE. He is also active in company-wide training, and has given training seminars to hundreds of SCE employees on contract drafting, contract management, and law practice technology. He is the former chair of the Law Department’s Technology Committee.

Ken received his J.D. and M.B.A. from UC Berkeley in 1990.

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Charles Araujo

Founder & CEO – IT Transformation Institute

ITIL PANEL: How to get ROI out of implementing ITIL processes

PANELIST PROFILE: Charles Araujo is the founder and CEO of The IT Transformation Institute, which is dedicated to helping IT leaders transform their teams into customer-focused, value-driven learning organizations. He is a recognized leader and expert in the areas of IT transformation and IT organizational change. He serves on the boards of itSMF USA and The Executive Next Practices Institute. He has been quoted in or published in magazines, blogs and websites including ZDNet, IT Business Edge, ITSM Portal, TechRepublic, itSMFUSA’s Forum, HDI SupportWorld and USA Today. He is the author of the upcoming book The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change and is presently at work on two new books. He speaks and writes frequently on a wide range of subjects related to his vision of the future of IT.

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Debra Boelkes
CEO – Business Women Rising

TOPIC: Infinite-Win Leadership: Innovative Secrets for Success

SESSION ABSTRACT: In our competitive win-lose society, forced rankings, sabotage, backstabbing, cutthroat politics and character assassinations are just a few of the many conventional weapons of business and beyond. It’s no wonder that the workplace has become a battlefield strewn with casualties and crushed spirits, where workers are held hostage by paychecks and the survivors have surrendered to disengagement. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way and the fix is easier than you might think.

In this eye-opening session, you’ll learn powerful and unconventional, yet common sense strategies that will enable you to create conditions for enduring success, where joyful engagement and winning outcomes can become the norm for you, your team and so many others in your infinite network of influence. Find out how easy it can be to bring out the best in just about anyone, including even some of the worst offenders, regardless of your level or role within your organization. You’ll discover battle-tested techniques to transform your world at work, at school, at home and beyond, into a thriving universe that can deliver extraordinary results each and every day.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Leadership Expert, Corporate Vitality Consultant, Author and CEO. A serial entrepreneur in Fortune 100 clothing, Deb Boelkes makes big things happen fast through her strategic vision, marketing savvy and Infinite-Win leadership mindset. A builder of high-performance organizations for nearly three decades, Deb has created and led thriving professional services organizations and internet-based services business units within global high tech giants IBM, AT&T, Fujitsu and Arrow Electronics. Not one to settle for the status quo in Corporate America, Deb founded Business Women Rising in 2009, a leadership development firm dedicated to building stronger, more innovative and inclusive leadership teams and the advancement of high potential and high achieving women.

Today, as CEO of Business World Rising, Inc., Deb leads the development, delivery and national roll-out of educational peer mentoring programs for business leaders at every step on the management career ladder, from professionals and entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 executives. As co-founder of the Infinite-Win Institute, Deb draws on her 30 years of corporate P&L management experience to help good companies become even more successful by creating more vital, profitable and sustainable cultures where everyone can thrive.

Deb is a sought-after keynote speaker and co-author of the soon to be released series of books, Unconventional Weapons for Infinite-Win Leaders. Deb has been involved in the information technology industry since her early college days as a Math / Computer Science major at UCLA. She earned her BS degree in Business Administration and her MBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Rhode Island, where she graduated top in her class.

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Robin Borough
President – Omnikron Systems Inc.

TOPIC: Competing for Your Future – Career Acceleration Tips for the Next Generation

SESSION ABSTRACT: In today’s economy, if you want to accelerate your position and profession, this workshop will answer hard-hitting questions about your personal advancement and continued career success. Learn how to effectively manage & grow your professional skill portfolio; Market your skills for promotions and career progression; and Become a “human magnet” for opportunities inside and outside your current environment. Learn how to gage and tap into upcoming technology trends now and develop lucrative strategies that will put you in the “driver’s seat” for future economic, regulatory or technology changes that loom ahead.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Robin serves as the President for Omnikron Systems, Inc., a leading technology training and recruiting firm. She is also the founding director of the Convergence Technology Council (CTC), a collaborative forum for IT professionals, executives, businesses and industry leaders.

Robin is well known for her ability to help companies develop & train winning IT teams. She’s worked with scores of Fortune 1000 companies to meet critical human performance development needs. Corporate clients include Verizon, Prudential Insurance, WellPoint, Southern California Edison, Kinkos, Technicolor, Amgen, BMC Software and many others.

Advisor to technology professionals and executives, in over 25+ years, Robin’s also built a world-class reputation as the “go to” career strategist and author in the IT industry, one who’s capable of successfully guiding executives and specialists, at any level, through transition.

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Al Brown
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer – BMS

TOPIC: Building a High Productivity Captive Development Center in Europe

SESSION ABSTRACT: This presentation will highlight the trials and tribulations I and BMS went through to build a captive development center in Europe. This will be from the start when the board authorized the project to 12 months later where the development center was opened with desks and people. This will also discuss how the parent company had to change its operational style often through tears and laughter to work efficiently with the center. If you are interested in setting up a development center and would like a perspective of somebody who just lived through it, this is the presentation for you.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Albert (“Al”) C. Brown serves as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer for BMS. Mr. Brown is responsible for the product strategy, technical architecture and development related to next-generation business applications and solutions. He is also responsible for maintaining both the client support infrastructure as well as the standard corporate infrastructure. Prior to joining BMS, Mr. Brown served at IBM where he was responsible for Emerging Standards in Enterprise Content Management as well as product management and strategy for Industry Solutions. While at IBM, Mr. Brown focused on the development of industry solutions, acting as lead on several multi-million dollar innovative technology solutions for the energy and utility, insurance and consumer product goods industries. Mr. Brown has led the industry effort to standardize and provide customers interoperability for Enterprise Content Management applications with the OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services Standard. Prior to IBM, Mr. Brown co-founded eGrail a pioneer in the open-source web content industry. Al Brown led the architectural design for global customers, key product design areas and technical diligence on M&A.

Mr. Brown holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Colorado School of Mines and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Mr. Brown holds patents in Web Content Management and Enterprise Content Management segments.

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Bryan Cheung

Manager – Mobile Applications Development, Herbalife

MOBILE PANEL: MOBILE DEVICES –So much to talk about!!!!


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Victor Collins


VENDOR PANEL: Working Successfully with Vendors

PANELIST PROFILE: For the past 10+plus years, Victor Collins has been a key dealmaker selling enterprise services engagements to strategic customers of Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle. Victor holds a Masters of Telecommunications from Golden Gate University and an International Relations degree from San Francisco State University. In his personal time, Victor enjoys sports and devotes his community eff orts to raising funds for foster care and homeless family non-profi t agencies in the greater Los Angeles Area.

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Dave Cornelius
Sr. Manager, Cognizant Business Consultant, ITSM Practice – Cognizant Technology Solutions

TOPIC: Implementing IT Service Management: A Simple Guide for Success

SESSION ABSTRACT: Organizations have a vast amount of infrastructure, hardware, software, skills, devices, services, and people requiring structure to support operational success. The introduction of cloud computing in the organization will further complicate the management of IT assets. Sustainable IT value to the organization requires the confident knowledge that services are identifiable, sustainable, and measurable. However, ITSM implementations require project management techniques to achieve measurable success. Planning becomes the cornerstone because it involves cross-functional teams to be successful. In our time together, we will discuss the following essential repeatable project management practices for a successful ITSM implementation:

• Scope (What is required?)
• Budget (How much does it cost?)
• Schedule (When will it be done?)
• Risk (Black swan)
• Constraints (What are my barriers?)
• Assumptions (What I think?)
• Communication and Collaboration (Achieving together!)

Your take-away from the IT Service Management (ITSM) presentation are:
• Planning tips to successfully deliver an ITSM process improvement project
• Project management practices for the implementation of ITSM
• How to develop educational programs for the organization
• Marketing ideas to socialize the message to the organization
• Testing techniques to achieve organic improvements along the way
• Ways to achieve buy-in from stakeholders
• Letting the IT executive team lead the parade

SPEAKER PROFILE: Dave Cornelius is a 29-year business and IT veteran. He has worked in most IT roles from a software engineer to the CIO level. Dave currently works at Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Sr. Manager in the ITSM consulting and program manager capacity. Dave has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, MBA, and currently in the dissertation phase of a Doctorate of Management, Information Systems program. He also holds certifications as a PMP, Agile Certified Professional (ACP), Six Sigma Black Belt, CSM, and ITIL v3. Dave is a Toastmaster with distinctions as an Advanced Leader Bronze and Advanced Communicator Bronze.

Dave serves on the Project Management Institute – Orange County (PMI-OC) Chapter Board of Governors and leads as the VP of Communications, Marketing, and Outreach. He is also the Area C4 Governor elect for Toastmasters and serves in other leadership and advisory roles in his community. Dave is married, has two children, and plays his guitar when time permits.

My first exposure to ITIL came in 2004 while working as a senior manager in an Enterprise Architecture Group for a financial company. The ITSM practices helped the IT organization deliver predictability for the provided IT services. We were able to organize teams to focus on specific services and measure the value of IT to the organization.


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Arym Diamond

Senior Member of the Oracle Sales organization, Oracle

MOBILE PANEL: MOBILE DEVICES –So much to talk about!!!!

PANELIST PROFILE: Arym Diamond is a multilingual executive focused on Sales and Business Development related to Enterprise Software and Consulting Services across several industry verticals; having worked in the U.S. and internationally. Mr. Diamond has been with Oracle for the last 8 years in a variety of roles spanning multiple technology and application product pillars. Mr. Diamond recently completed an Executive MBA program at USC’s Marshall School of Business which included focus on Leadership for today’s business climate, Corporate Strategy, Marketing to the Emerging Market, and the Global Financial crisis.

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Sunil Dumpala
Director, LOB Development, LA Times/Tribune

TOPIC: Test Driven Development and the Challenges IT faces to implement it.

SESSION ABSTRACT: Anybody with some experience in IT field understands the need for QA. As the Software solutions are becoming more and more complex and inter-dependencies of the systems increases, the demand for QA and specifically Test Driven Development approach also raises. If everybody is in agreement that this is the right approach then why does IT organizations struggle to successfully implement TDD? What challenges do they face? My SoTec Talk will attempt to shed some light on this topic by taking a real project use case from my organization, what challenges we faced with TDD implementation and how we overcame them by choosing the right tools for the task.

SPEAKER PROFILE: After graduating from NIU I had the opportunity to work on a mainframe project. While my fellow graduates were opting for jobs with newer technologies I didn’t mind working on legacy systems as I always believed to know or envision the future one must be aware of the past. Though my workday was consumed by mainframe work I efficiently used my free time to obtain certifications on newer technologies mainly Java and open source. Enterprise Architecture and Integration always intrigued me and I got my first break into this field in the form of Tibco Development. The project involved integrating with mainframe system via MQ Series and Tibco tool. Soon other similar projects followed which helped me get exposed to more integration and architectures tools and processes. The vibrant Java and open source world also exposed me to standards and best practices in software development. Now, with the advent of smart phones and mobile devices software development is a critical juncture of its evolution. The success and future of the organizations would be heavily dependent on the key architectural decisions taken today in designing the foundational framework. In my current role as Director of Software Engineering my challenge is to use the best minds of my team to make sound architectural decisions and layout standards and best practices for a robust software development process.

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Michael Gale

Director Private Equity Services Group – Alvarez & Marsal

VENDOR PANEL: Working Successfully with Vendors

PANELIST PROFILE: Michael Gale is a Director with Alvarez & Marsal Private Equity Services in Los Angeles, CA. He specializes in pre-merger IT due diligence, post-acquisition integration, IT strategic planning, large-scale systems implementation and integration, and interim management. Prior to joining Alvarez & Marsal, Michael served as the Director of IT, Enterprise Applications for Kloeckner Metals US (formerly Macsteel Steel Service Centers USA) where he led the migration of 30+ service center branches, storage locations, and sales offices onto Macsteel’s Oracle R12 footprint. Prior to joining Kloeckner Metals, Michael was a Senior Manager with Hitachi Consulting where he focused on managing and delivering large-scale ERP implementation projects. Michael has an extensive background in program and project management, business process reengineering, and systems analysis and design. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from The University of Arizona.

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Jim Elvidge
Principal Agile Coach – BigVisible Solutions

TOPIC: Creating an Innovative Environment through Catalytic Leadership

SESSION ABSTRACT: You can’t create an innovative company by saying “Thou Shalt Be Innovative,” or by adding it to the company values statement. Rather, it requires a solid understanding of what motivates people and may require a deep examination of organizational structures, culture, and leadership styles which may be barriers. As a result of this examination, a company (or part of a company) can take a measured approach to changing the organizational environment, resulting in an innovative culture that sticks. Leaders championing this approach of “environment design” begin to naturally develop catalytic leadership behaviors, which will result in increased responsiveness to change, unleashed creativity, and greater job satisfaction in their people. In this brief talk, we will begin to explore how a company can become more innovative via environment design and catalytic leadership.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Jim Elvidge (CSM, CSP) has had 25+ years of fun in the web, new media, eCommerce, financial, communications, and entertainment industries, including 15 years of international product and project management, agile coaching and training. Today, at BigVisible Solutions, Jim focuses on helping companies transform to become more lean and agile in all aspects of their business.

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Ann Marie Griffin
Career Strategist and Life Coach

TOPIC: 5 Common Potholes In Career Planning – And How To Avoid Them!

SESSION ABSTRACT: Do you ever set career goals with the best of intentions, and then fizzle out in the execution? Do you start progressing toward “the next logical step” and then lose steam and stop? In this presentation Ann Marie Griffin, Career Strategist and Life Coach will outline why we sometimes don’t stick to our important plans and what to do about it.

Get ready to:
• Engage your right brain to plan your career
• Sustain your motivation and interest long-term
• Increase your odds of follow through
• Increase confidence and reduce procrastination
• Predict and manage typical obstacles

SPEAKER PROFILE: Ann Marie Griffin is a Career Strategist and Certified Life Coach. She coaches top performing professionals who want to overcome their dread of going to work or get unstuck in their job search. She helps her clients to map out clear paths forward; build smart, personal branding of their unique skills and talents; and create tailored routines to stay energized and engaged at work – all day long!
Her coaching expertise is built upon 20 years’ experience as a certified public accountant, management consultant, information technology project leader, and corporate people manager at top-notch Fortune 500 companies including Price Waterhouse, Ernst & Young, and DIRECTV, where she intently focused on championing the success of organizations and individuals.
Get to know Ann Marie Griffin. Find free resources and sign up for Ann Marie’s monthly email newsletter Career Tips for Top Performers here: http://www.annmariegriffin.com/

Galen Gruman[singlepic id=285 w=150 float=none]
Executive Editor for News and Features – InfoWord.com

TOPIC: IT in the Consumerization Era

SESSION ABSTRACT: Mobile technology, cloud technology, knowledge workers geographically dispersed (and often working in multiple locations and at home on their own equipment), federated data and devices, and a growing heterogeneity in end-user tools are upsetting the carefully managed, highly standardized, highly bounded technology environment has fashioned in the 1990s and 2000s. Many in IT are trying to contain these changes, much as they did with the original PC and later the Internet, but it’s a lost cause and an unnecessary one. For the vast majority of cases, there is no real conflict between the new “”consumerized IT”” reality and the ability to protect corporate information and provide appropriate process integration. But it does require a mindset change to do so effectively. This session explores some of those necessary mindset changes.
SPEAKER PROFILE: Galen Gruman is Executive Editor for news and features at the IT-oriented Web site InfoWorld.com. He has covered technology and business issues for more than 20 years as a writer and editor for IEEE Software, Macworld, CIO, M-Business, Computerworld, and InfoWorld.

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Jon Grunzweig.
Vision Business Systems

TOPIC: Controlling Project Costs

SESSION ABSTRACT: It seems almost a certainty – your IT project is over budget and misses the target dates. Surprise! Well, usually not so surprising. And the impact of constantly being over budget causes tension and ultimately distrust. Business people are continually frustrated and don’t understand why IT projects are so hard to get done, and IT people are frustrated that business people don’t understand why projects are hard to predict and control. There are many factors that impact the cost and delivery time of a project. This session focuses on the cost for internal and external resources – usually the largest cost components, and those that vary the most. It addresses the issues and associated causes for project overruns, breaks down the process for managing a project overall, and provides specific techniques for controlling costs. The techniques discussed are focused on comprehensive practical and simple approaches for significantly improving the chance of keeping costs within budget and on-target. The result will be practical solutions that can be used immediately.
SPEAKER PROFILE: Jon Grunzweig has been a leader in business and information technology for 30 years by helping organizations realize their goals through superior delivery of business solutions and IT services. As both a consultant and in key positions within companies, Mr. Grunzweig has worked in dozens of industries and companies ranging from $30 million in revenue to the Fortune 500. He has a key ability to understand business situations and recognize opportunity — in technology, process, people, products and services. As CIO, Jon has focused on operational excellence, and believes strongly in establishing IT strategy based on business objectives, defining methodologies and processes, effective team building and mentoring, and establishing strong partner relationships with service providers – all as key components to achieving superior results.

Mr. Grunzweig received his BS in Business Administration/Accounting from Iowa State University, and is a CPA.

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Sergio Godinez

County of Orange/Xerox

ITIL PANEL: How to get ROI out of implementing ITIL processes

PANELIST PROFILE: Mr. Godinez’ professional career has over 20-years of experience working and managing Information Technology (IT) programs and services. As a client executive at Xerox and a trusted advisor, Mr. Godinez maintains overall responsibility for providing quality service delivery to over 30 organizations.

As a lifelong student he has achieved both a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology and a Masters of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. He has attained his Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification. He is currently pursuing a Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation.

His specialties include IT Service Management, quality customer service, mentoring and coaching, as well as strategic planning. As a continuous improvement champion, he leverages industry best practice methods and techniques to achieve business objectives in a collaborative environment. Client engagements have led to the successful implementation of IT Standardization Programs including Change Management and IT Governance.

Mr. Godinez has served as a successful leader in telecommunications, technical support, application services, and business process outsourcing. His most recent endeavor while working at Xerox is as an Account Executive for the Orange County Data Center Commercial Services Group. The service group provides a full suite of IT Services including co-location, hosting, and managed IT services.

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Ben Kreader

Executive Director Enterprise Application Services – Fox Entertainment Group

VENDOR PANEL: Working Successfully with Vendors

PANELIST PROFILE: Ben is currently Executive Director of Enterprise Application Services at Fox Entertainment Group. Ben is responsible for developing, implementing and supporting custom .NET and SaaS applications to support the corporate areas of Fox and departments that bridge between Fox and its parent company News Corp. In his current role, Ben and his team are responsible for implementation and integration of non-ERP SaaS solutions as well as development and support of custom .NET applications. He and his team currently manage a portfolio of 14 major applications used by over 400 customers in various areas of Fox including Content Protection, Security, Audit, Treasury, Tax, Real Estate, Risk, and Royalties. Ben has over 14 years of IT and entertainment industry experience between Fox and Sony Pictures Entertainment where he supported studio, production and music. Prior to working in IT, Ben worked in print production, music publishing and music licensing. Ben is a subject matter expert on intellectual property rights and the various ways IP and its corresponding monetization methods can be modeled in IT systems. Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Music, Literature and Perceptual Psychology from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Ben is also a pop songwriter and performer with an upcoming album release as Hecho Derecho available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Spotify and Pandora and directly from hechoderecho.com this fall.

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C. Edward Langhammer
Partner – Partner – Kaufman, Dolowich, Voluck & Gonzo LLP

TOPIC: Managing Social Media and Networking in the Workplace – What Information Technology Project Managers Need to Know Now!

SESSION ABSTRACT: Social media in the workplace implicates serious emerging issues juxtaposing employees’ legitimate right of privacy with the employers’ legitimate interests in monitoring appropriate use of technology, resources, protection of trade secrets and making hiring, firing and other employment decisions, which may involve the use of technology and resources that include “snooping” on employees’ activities as they reveal on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Information Technology Project Managers and their Companies who do not understand the legal developments in these emerging areas are at great risk and must understand what they can and can not do – or get out their checkbooks and plan to pay significant sums to disgruntled employees who may sue them!

SPEAKER PROFILE: Mr. Langhammer, who is rated AV® Preeminent™ by Martindale-Hubbell, concentrates his practice on litigating and counseling in all aspects of employment, discrimination, harassment and retaliation, representing corporate and business organizations, nonprofit and charitable entities.

Prior to joining KDVG, Mr. Langhammer was a partner in the Los Angeles office of Burke, Williams & Sorensen. He was also a shareholder of the Cotkin Law Group (formerly Cotkin & Collins), as well as co-founder and partner of a Pasadena law firm. Mr. Langhammer and his wife enjoy living in a coastal Southern California community, where in their spare time, they enjoy participating in community events, running, biking, golfing, and dining with family and friends. Mr. Langhammer is a native “Angeleno,” born and raised in L.A.

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Malorie Lanthier
CIO, Frederick’s of Hollywood

TOPIC: How to Speak Business: a Translator for IT Professionals

SESSION ABSTRACT: No matter how many years I’ve been in IT I always hear the same complaint, I can’t get the business to listen to me! It doesn’t matter whether you are a project manager or a CIO, the complaint is the same. The problem is not what we are saying, but how we are saying it. This presentation will give you some practical tips on how to figure out who you are talking to, and how to present your information in a way that will give you the results you are looking for.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Malorie Lanthier is a consultant and corporate IT Leader with 20+ years’ experience starting up and continuously improving the business of Information Technology with an emphasis on moving from a technology focus to a value and service focus. She has moved between consulting and corporate roles and has hands on experience working through complex problems involving people, process, and technology.

She brings together a combination practical skills around: • IT Strategy & Planning • Project Management and Measurement • IT Operational Management • Process Development and Redesign • Knowledge Management • Business Intelligence & KPI Development • Continuous Process Improvement/BPR • Auditing /SOX/PCI Compliance as well as the soft skills around Executive Management and Coaching • Organizational behavior and people management.

Malorie spent 13 years at Amgen, building their IT abilities to support the launch their first product and their subsequent growth. She spent 4 years consulting. Malorie currently transforming Frederick’s of Hollywood, a legendary American Brand as their VP of IT.

Presentation PDF

Mike Murphy
Director, Business Value Consulting, North & Latin America – BMC Software

TOPIC: ITIL Payback: Myth or Reality?

SESSION ABSTRACT: Everyone knows ITIL is a great process framework. But can enterprises translate this framework into quantifiable benefits, and a business case, that will get approved by both IT and the Lines of Business supported? Mike Murphy from BMC Software will discuss the typical challenges customers face with these justification efforts, and some ideas for placing your ITIL initiative on solid business ground.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Mike Murphy is an IT Strategist and leads a team of high caliber professionals at BMC responsible for providing strategic industry and business planning advice related to Business Service Management (BSM). This includes IT/Business Transformation, Cloud Computing and ITIL Workshops, roadmaps for Proactive and Predictive Operations, Business Value Assessments with Financial Analysis, and Benefits Realization programs. The objective of this team is to help clients empirically assess and realize the full potential of BSM.

Mike has a diverse background in sales and marketing, consulting, and product management. Prior to BMC, Mike held leadership positions at Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP), Commerce One, Accenture, and Apple Computer.

Mike earned a degree in Economics from the University of Notre Dame, where he was selected as a Phi Beta Kappa scholar, and studied abroad with the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Roc Paez

ITIL Consultant – Hewlett Packard

ITIL PANEL: How to get ROI out of implementing ITIL processes

PANELIST PROFILE: Roc has worked in Information Technology for 27 years, the last 19 with Hewlett Packard. Roc currently delivers all courses in the IT Service Management (ITSM) curriculum and consults with customers in their implementation of ITIL and ITSM concepts. Roc’s past experiences include System and Network Administration, Service Desk Analyst, Course Development and Education Account Manager. Roc spent 2 years managing the HP-UX curriculum, during which he project managed the development or update of every course in the HP-UX curriculum. Roc continually receives requests for additional courses and follow on work from customers; many customers he has worked with for years.

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Mickey Nakamura
Transformation Executive – Xerox Americas Local Government , Xerox State Local Solutions, Inc.

TOPIC: Real World Proactive ITIL Continuous Improvement Practices

SESSION ABSTRACT: Moving from a reactive to pro-active organization improves customer satisfaction and provides superior service. Higher predictability and forward looking processes aligned to your business and technology environment promotes such values that can make the difference between good and great performing teams.

Our experience shows that using and adapting measures outlined in ITIL’s Problem, Configuration, Capacity, and Availability management areas combined with a strong Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process is effective in delivering results in support of a pro-active service organization. In this presentation – we will be sharing approaches for implementing these proactive ITIL best practices in your organization.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Mickey Nakamura is a Transformation Executive at Xerox Services responsible for leading service strategy, design, transition, and the transformation of new technology enterprises and organizations aligning managed services with strategic initiatives and objectives for private sector, federal, state, or local government. He has 22 years of award-winning leadership, transformation, and service experience in information technology, wireless technology, and telecommunications. He is an expert in managed services and business outsourcing with extensive experience developing and implementing ITIL best practices in enterprises that range from small start-ups to very large established, national Fortune 500 companies and top-secret federal government programs.

Mr. Nakamura holds a bachelor’s degree in business information systems from the University of Phoenix as well as professional certifications in Six Sigma from Villanova University, ITIL v2, v3 Foundations, ITIL v2 Practitioner, Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies, and is also a Project Management Professional (PMP). He has received a number of awards and honors most notably for his leadership supporting fire storm disaster response efforts in 2007 where he was able to mobilize and utilize technology to assist first responders, police, fire departments, government agencies, and the Red Cross to help public citizens during a real time disaster.

Presentation PDF

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Kevin S. Parikh
Global CEO – Avasant

TOPIC: Moving from IT Management to Business Empowerment

SESSION ABSTRACT: Is your organization managing IT to achieve business success? The future is not in IT service management, but rather in driving the use of technology to enable business objectives. Technology, through the internet, communications and cloud has become the pathway for globalization and economic integration.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Kevin Parikh is the Global CEO and Sr. Partner of Avasant. Prior to joining Avasant, Mr. Parikh led the Global IT Sourcing practice for Gartner Consulting. Mr. Parikh specializes in IT and business process (BP) outsourcing, contract and service-level negotiations, joint ventures, captive centers, strategic management, business risk evaluation and software licensing. His practice engages in both near shore and offshore sourcing solutions. Mr. Parikh is based in Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Parikh has also worked closely in support of government clients that seek to increase foreign direct investment (FDI). In this regard, he works on a global basis with the World Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. Government, and other United Nations funded and driven projects. As an attorney by training, he specializes in negotiating complex and global transactions where he works toward bridging the gaps between legal counsel and business team objectives. He also was a U.S. Presidential appointee in the Clinton Administration for the One America Commission.

Over his career, Mr. Parikh has been involved in more than 350 IT sourcing and business transactions. These deals have ranged from US$20 million to US$2.5 billion, involving major Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers.

Mr. Parikh received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis, in economics and political science and his Juris Doctor from American University. Mr. Parikh also completed his tenure as a California Senate Fellow in 1993.

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Frederick Ring

Owner, Crybox Digital Arts

MOBILE PANEL: MOBILE DEVICES –So much to talk about!!!!

PANELIST PROFILE: Frederick has more than 30 years of programming experience that began with the Atari 2600. He has developed software across a wide spectrum of applications including games, communications and business applications using an equally wide spectrum of technologies. He has developed software for IBM’s Watson Research Center and served as a consultant to many small to medium businesses. He founded Crybox Digital Arts in 2011 to provide businesses with software solutions integrating web and mobile technology and provide exceptional mobile app development services to the world.

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Rich Rygg

Mobility Startup Entrepreneur

MOBILE PANEL: MOBILE DEVICES –So much to talk about!!!!

PANELIST PROFILE: Rich has over 20 years of online experience, mainly consumer focused. Currently he is the founder of HipGeo and HipRoot, a mobile travel blog app and a mobile platform for rich media apps. He had executed many strategic roadmaps to develop start-ups, new products, online communities, eCommerce initiatives and rich content experiences for premier brands. His expertise includes mobile apps, social media, product marketing/management, subscription services, ecommerce, user generated and professional content.

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Neal Schaffer
President – Windmill Marketing

TOPIC: Maximizing Social Media for IT Professionals

SESSION ABSTRACT: As social media permeates corporate organizations, IT professionals will frequently find themselves in a role supporting internal departments in their ongoing implementation of social media initiatives. This presentation will update the IT professional on current and future trends in social media adoption in the enterprise and how to meet the demands of supporting the technology. The importance of social media technologies as a networking vehicle and educational tool for the IT professional will also be discussed.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Neal Schaffer is a leader in helping businesses and professionals strategically leverage the business potential of social media. A Forbes Top 30 Social Media Power Influencer and creator of the AdAge Top 100 Global Marketing Blog Windmill Networking, Neal is an international social media conference speaker who is also known for his two award-winning and critically acclaimed social media books: ”Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing” and “Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn.” Neal has created social media strategies and coached implementation for companies ranging from a Fortune 50 software company to a Grammy award-winning musician through his Social Media Strategy Consultancy Windmills Marketing, where he personally provides social media strategy consulting, social media coaching, speaking, and training services. Neal’s work has been recognized by and appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business Week, and Forbes.

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Treacy Seeley


MOBILE PANEL: MOBILE DEVICES –So much to talk about!!!!


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George Schlitz
Founder, Principal Coach – BigVisible Solutions

TOPIC: Creating an Innovative Environment through Catalytic Leadership

SESSION ABSTRACT: You can’t create an innovative company by saying “Thou Shalt Be Innovative,” or by adding it to the company values statement. Rather, it requires a solid understanding of what motivates people and may require a deep examination of organizational structures, culture, and leadership styles which may be barriers. As a result of this examination, a company (or part of a company) can take a measured approach to changing the organizational environment, resulting in an innovative culture that sticks. Leaders championing this approach of “environment design” begin to naturally develop catalytic leadership behaviors, which will result in increased responsiveness to change, unleashed creativity, and greater job satisfaction in their people. In this brief talk, we will begin to explore how a company can become more innovative via environment design and catalytic leadership.

SPEAKER PROFILE: George Schlitz is founder of BigVisible Solutions, a coaching and enablement consultancy based in regions across the U.S. and in Europe.

George has focused on coaching teams and leaders in improving product development methods and leadership of complex programs and projects. He has had extensive experience consulting in large organizations covering many industries. With a focus on systems thinking and organizational change, George is effective at guiding large-scale change efforts in very challenging organizations. George combines the strengths of agile methods, lean concepts, theory of constraints, and other related areas with a constant focus on organizational development and change in his consulting.

George is a Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He received 2 bachelor’s degrees (Operations Management, Resource Economics) from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Bentley University. His professional experience is complemented by 12 years of experience as a U.S. Army soldier and officer.

George’s community endeavors include being a founding member of the PMI’s Agile steering committee, the Agile Project Leadership Network, Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance and more. He is also a frequent speaker at process improvement related and project management conferences and events.

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Carole Schlocker


VENDOR PANEL: Working Successfully with Vendors

PANELIST PROFILE: Carole Schlocker currently reigns as the Queen of iSpace. Her previous positions include Princess of Metro Information Services and Sr. Peddler at D.P Specialists. Prior to this she was actually somewhat technical-as Manager of West Coast Technical Support for Candle Corporation. Realizing that she could only bluff her way so much technically, she moved into sales. She has been in the IT staffing and Solutions business for over 20 years. Never seen dressed uncoordinated she believes in building solid clients based on their proximity to Loehmann’s. Carole firmly believes in building strong client relationships and selling on value, humor, trust and ethics and NOT price.

Carole is currently on the Board of the Westside Center of Independent Living, The National Association of Computer Consultant Business’, The Association of IT Professionals (Los Angeles Chapter) and is past Chair of the Speakers Committee for the annual Southland Technology Conference (SoTec). She is also a long time member of the UCLA I.S. Associates and has served on their board. She was the Co-Director of the Los Angeles Chapter of Women in Technology and helped to build the chapter from the ground up. Carole holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Temple University. She strongly believes that she is practicing social work every day in the IT staffing business. Her future aspirations include a position with Empress in the title.

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Randy Steinberg

Consultant – Migration Technologies

ITIL PANEL: How to get ROI out of implementing ITIL processes

PANELIST PROFILE: Randy has over 25 years of extensive hands-on IT Service Management and operations experience gained from many clients around the world. He was the lead author for the ITIL 2011 Service Operation book. He was an early ITIL champion and served a stint as Global Head of Service Management for a worldwide media company with 176 operating centers around the globe. Randy is also the author of several popular ITIL books: Implementing ITIL, Measuring ITIL, Servicing ITIL and Architecting ITIL. He has also been a frequent speaker around the US for a number of national organizations that focus on IT Service Management. Randy has implemented IT solutions for one client that went on to win a Malcolm Baldrige award for the quality of their IT services. He holds an ITIL V3 Expert and ITIL V2 Service Manager designation and is also Practitioner and ISO20000 Consultant certified. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has an advanced Graduate Certificate in Process Management.

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Dinesh Srirangpatna
IT Senior Manager, Research Manager Software and Services – International Data Corporation

TOPIC: Capitalizing on Cloud and Mobility Opportunities

SESSION ABSTRACT: Digital data has exploded. The worlds information is doubling every two years, and by 2015, 10% of the information will be hosted in the cloud. However, 20% of the information will touch the cloud in its journey from origination to disposal. Just to give the context of information – In 2006, the world produced 161 “exabytes” of digital information (one exabyte is a billion gigabytes) —3 million times the amount of information contained in all the books ever written. Today, we generate 1.8 trillion gigabytes of information, which provides significant opportunities to streamline business workflows, mine customer data and capitalize on business trends. Software vendors see revenue opportunity in cloud infrastructure and services surrounding the cloud. Some of these opportunities include security, big data analytics, cloud based backup, Salesforce integrations. The cloud is shaking up existing business dynamics and creating a new set of winners in certain categories. Organizations that are nimble and faster to adopt technology, have been able to retain and grow customers. SMBs with cloud based solutions are now able to afford enterprise solutions.

One of the trends aiding this data explosion is mobility. Currently, there are 6 billion phone subscriptions in the world of 7 billion people. Interestingly in US, there are more phone subscriptions than the number of people, pointing to the trend of users juggling multiple mobile devices. The mobile internet and pervasive access to internet redefines the way people interact, shop and do business. We will examine how as a technology professional or business you can capitalize on these trends.

Consumerization of IT is changing the face of business and technology. Users with next generation devices are forcing IT to open up access to data. CEOs with their iPads have been the strongest advocates of access to corporate data. Increasing use of cloud based repositories is blurring the line between personal and enterprise persona; examples of such cloud repositories are DropBox, Box.net .

SPEAKER PROFILE: Dinesh Srirangpatna works as a Research Manager with IDC, a global market intelligence and technology consulting firm, focusing on software and services. Dinesh previous experience include stints in the industry (Samsung, HP), spanning roles ranging from Architect to Strategy Manager. Dinesh leverages his technology expertise and business acumen in providing strategy consulting for clients. Dinesh is an accomplished project manager with PMP, PRINCE, ITIL, Scrum master certifications.

Presentation PDF

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Bruce Strump
IT Senior Manager Residential Enterprise Projects – DIRECTV

TOPIC: Utilizing Imagination in Project Management

SESSION ABSTRACT: Project Management is all about influence. Influence is all about communication. Whether communication is done via email, over the phone, in hallway conversation or via a presentation using PowerPoints, you are creating images in peoples’ minds. In this interactive presentation we will discuss how you can improve your communication skills by working with the images your communications create. Understand your audience’s learning style, plus your ability to listen (really listen) and react appropriately can make all the difference between a successful meeting and one that goes horribly wrong. Successful meetings lead to trust and goodwill that you can draw on when things really do go awry and you need your Sponsors to cut you some slack. Utilizing techniques of improvisation, you will learn the value of “yes and,” how to spot someone who isn’t really listening, and sharpen your communication (and especially presentation) skills. Even though you communicate all day every day, and present all the time, are you being truly effective? Isn’t it time for a tune up? Let’s talk and have some fun.

SPEAKER PROFILE: I started my career working as a CPA briefly and then moving into progressively responsible positions in Accounting and Finance at IBM. After 7 years I decided to try my hand at consulting and worked in that arena for the next twenty years. In that time I have worked with medium and large corporations on transformative projects first in the Payroll/HR area but mostly in Finance, FP&np;A, and Accounting. During this long stretch I have consulted with companies in the Entertainment, Distribution, Insurance, and Pharmaceuticals industries. The main thrust of my work has been in leading large projects that bring forward changes to people, processes, as well as technology. Finishing my career at IBM in 2009 as an Associate Partner, I moved back into industry and am currently running complex programs at DIRECTV.

In addition to working at DIRECTV, I am taking classes in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. In my spare time, what little there is, I perform improvisational comedy mainly at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica.

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Abdel Tefridj
Vice President of Workforce Analytics – CareerBuilder


SESSION ABSTRACT: Whether they realize it or not, today’s leaders have access to more data than ever before, providing the opportunity to gain great insight into the habits, preferences and behaviors of their current employees, job candidates and competitors. What gives companies a competitive edge, however, is knowing exactly how to utilize this intelligence to their greatest advantage.

This session will review the latest talent intelligence available to leaders today and assess how this data can improve business and hiring decisions to help companies gain a competitive advantage.

SPEAKER PROFILE: As Vice President of Workforce Analytics for CareerBuilder, Abdel Tefridj helps drive technology transformation for new product initiatives, identifies new business markets and data partners for existing product lines and works closely with the sales force to address client needs.

Prior to his current position, Abdel built CareerBuilder’s diverse CRM project portfolio, led the design and development of holistic marketing/CRM strategies and programs, and managed key data and software vendors. An influential member of the Client Advisory Board, Abdel spoke regularly at vendor conferences.

Abdel’s extensive experience includes working both in the U.S. and abroad in various senior-level positions in the manufacturing, financial, engineering and technology industries. Abdel holds a bachelor’s degree in applied statistics from DePaul University and is the winner of CareerBuilder’s 2009 Ideas from Everywhere competition.

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James Thomas

Director PMO & IT Service Management – Pacific Life Insurance

ITIL PANEL: How to get ROI out of implementing ITIL processes

PANELIST PROFILE: James Thomas is a seasoned professional with nearly 20 years of experience leading IT professionals in the delivery of valued solutions and services. On the subject of Service Management, James was a session speaker at Fusion 10 in Louisville, KY on the topic of Organizational Transformation. James has also given presentations on the topic of IT Service Management through BrightTALK itSMF webinars and was published in Insurance & Technology Management magazine regarding Pacific Life’s deployment of BMC Remedy. In 2011, James was elected to the Greater Los Angeles LIG for itSMF USA and is currently serving a two-year term as Area VP for the Orange County Chapter. James is certified on ITIL v3 Foundation and obtained his priSM Associate credential through itSMF USA. Prior to his PMO & IT Service Management role with Pacific Life, James was an independent consultant responsible for delivering a multi-million dollar Data Center facility through the planning, design, construction and migration for Pacific Life Insurance.

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Robert Tipton
Tranformational Change

TOPIC: Change Is Hard! . . . (Until It Isn’t)

SESSION ABSTRACT: The “Status Quo Sickness” is a deadly condition, and it’s infecting groups and individuals in epidemic proportions. Sometimes holding fast to the past is good, but everyone needs a path FORWARD too. What are some of the other barriers to moving? “Suffering in Advance” (we just know it won’t work because ___), “The Myth of Consensus” (no moving until everyone agrees), and “All Things Pass (sure, another change effort — I’ll just wait this one out too). And there are 4 more!

Learning Points:
1. The 8 great barriers to progress, and how to overcome them
2. The 4 stages of innovative change
3. Building a new relationship with “your” status quo

SPEAKER PROFILE: Robert S. Tipton has been in the business of transformational change for most of his life. He describes himself as a “manager’s nightmare” because of his constant questioning and his drive to look for new approaches. It’s from this foundation of searching, examining, probing, and synthesis that he drives extraordinary results using his non-traditional approaches.
He has spoken in more than 30 countries, and 40 states. Called an “innovative change expert” by Forbes, CNN, CNBC, etc., he is the author of three books, the latest of which, JUMP! – Get Unstuck, Extraordinary Life Breakthroughs Through Innovative Change is the basis for his, “Change is Hard! (Until it Isn’t): Overcoming the Eight Toughest Barriers to Change” presentations.
He is a recovering corporate refugee, having spent time in many “C” level roles—CIO of a $1B company to CTO of a $1.2B consulting firm.
Finally, his approach to education, professional accomplishments, etc., not surprisingly, is also non-traditional. He’s gone to school, he’s accomplished some big things. But — more important than 30-year old degrees, or the lists of “in recognition of” stuff, suffice it to say his life has prepared him well to help people move through the toughest, messiest situations toward positive, enduring outcomes.

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James Tu
Director of Information Security, International Rectifier

TOPIC: Traditional IT Infrastructure & Security Convergence

SESSION ABSTRACT: Review the initiatives taken at International Rectifier to illustrate the convergence of traditional IT infrastructure and security, it will cover global WAN/LAN design and architecture, Data center architecture, internal network segmentation, network access control, network and host data loss prevention, desktop application control, unified threat management and mitigation, incident response

SPEAKER PROFILE: James Tu, PhD, CISSP Director of Information Security – International Rectifier
• 18 years of proven success track record for delivering and executing strategies across a number of industries in both the public and private sectors, from multi-billion dollars global fortune 500 companies to media and Internet start-ups (International Rectifier, CB Richard Ellis, Yahoo, Entegrity Solution..)
• Over 15 professional certifications in IT, Security, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (CISSP, GSNA, Encase Examiner, ABCP, MCT, CNE, SUN)
• Director of Information Security at International Rectifier, initiated and implemented International Rectifier DLP project, established the first IR DLP program
• Other responsibilities at IR: global WAN/LAN Network, AD, Exchange Email, Voice and Mobility, Desktop Standard and Delivery, Information Security

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George Viegas
Director, Quality Assurance and Information Security, Thomson Reuters Elite

TOPIC: Playbook for running successful QA teams

SESSION ABSTRACT: Find yourself buried in details and test plans and cannot get off the software lifecycle treadmill? Making mental notes of things-to-do but never getting to it. Want to build a great QA team but never getting down to it. George presents a playbook of various key and critical areas to focus on for taking your QA team to the next level. Learn how to expand your QA to-do list into new areas and build a comprehensive pathway to a more successful QA team.

Making mental notes of things-to-do but never getting to it? Want to build a great QA team but never getting down to it? George presents a playbook of various key and critical areas to focus on for taking your QA team to the next level. Learn how to expand your QA to-do list into new areas and build a comprehensive pathway to a more successful QA team.

Before taking your team to the next level you must first know where you’re at and then plan for where you want to go. However given the daily churn of balancing multiple projects and the fires that we fight, more often than not, we are likely to stay in the same place we were 6 months ago. George will present the tools to analyze your QA team and establish benchmarks. However benchmarks by themselves do not have much value unless they can be tied to a plan for improvement. He will then show you, using actual examples of real QA teams, how to use the benchmark to create and execute plans and measure results. You will take back with you the tools and the skills to move beyond managing not just the test, but also managing the plan for the team and the direction you want to go.

SPEAKER PROFILE: In the software industry for 15 years, George Viegas is QA Director for Thomson Reuters ELITE and directs the QA function for specialized financial software for the Legal industry. George has varied experience in software, having directed development, IT operations, information security and project management. He has also worked in varied verticals including security, media, video gaming, scientific and financial software.

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Jerry Wang
Management Consultant, Specializing in Conflict Management – KShenWang Inc.

TOPIC: Applying Your Lead-er’s Edge

SESSION ABSTRACT: The principle of ignorance says that no one knows everything about anything. Related to that is that you know something better than anyone else in the world. At a minimum, no one knows your personal history and preferences as well as you do. What are you particularly good at? What insights and strengths do you have and would like to develop into your specialty of excellence?

As professionals, our project management and people management skills are extremely well-honed. What insights and skills do you have that allow you to solve problems that other people cannot solve? We will examine the different dimensions of our professional ecosystems and invite you to identify areas where you would like to become a leading expert as a solutions provider. We will review a summary of the Lead-er’s Edge Framework which includes the following dimensions:

1. Personal Behavior (functional versus dysfunctional)
2. Relationships (positive versus negative)
3. Team ((1) Forming (2) Storming (3) Norming (4) Performing (5) Adjourning)
4. Project ((1) Initiation (2) Planning (3) Execution (4) Monitoring (5) Closing)
5. Product ((1) Introduction/Launch (2) Growth (3) Maturity (4) Saturation (5) Decline)
6. Industry
7. Organization (e.g., structure, systems, processes, culture…)
8. Processes (e.g., 6 Sigma, TQM, Kaisan, Lean, As-Is/Should-Be, 5S, TOC)
9. Principles of Effectiveness (e.g., Self-Definition, Navigation, Rapport-building, delegation…)
10. Existential Principles (i.e., life skills of setting boundaries, emotional balance/stability, resilience…)
11. Six Human Traits (note, includes human needs and human emotions)
12. Nature of Reality and Identity (e.g., how to improve your luck)

There are usually multiple disconnects in the ecosystem when there is a problem and your ability to quickly and accurately recognize, identify, and rectify the root causes would give you the distinction of being an excellent problem solver. Kindly be prepared to share quick examples of your victories and share how you transformed some storms.

“Form follows function” and “expertise follow inadequacies”. LL Bean was founded in 1912 by its namesake, avid hunter and fisherman Leon Leonwood Bean. Bean developed a waterproof boot for personal use which he also sold to others hunters. Likewise, the pressing problems in our lives are beacons for developing our expertise. Whether they are technical skills or life skills, these skills are applicable in our personal and professional arenas. Once honed, we can share our skills with others. From process improvement, conflict management, to overcoming personal and organizational dysfunction, these skills are portable. Why? Because we are dealing with organizations made up of people and people share common traits. Bring your insights and inspirations to empower others to rise up to the next level of their Lead-er’s Edge.

When you sharpen your skills continually and apply your lead-er’s edge selectively, you become the linchpin that can salvage and turnaround a critical situation where others have failed.

Lead-er’s Edge & Pledge. Lead-ership is an overused term. Lead-er’s Edge is about getting that Edge to Transform the Storm and Navigate to Project Success; Lead-ership is crucial and put to the test when the storms are fierce.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Jerry Wang was a VP in IT Project Leadership and Business Analysis at Citigroup and had been with the company over 28 years. The projects Jerry coded, coordinated, managed and deployed perform over one million mission-critical financial transactions per month. He has delivered four complex enterprise products supporting millions of dollars in revenue against high pressure deadlines and fiscal goals via customer synergy, empowerment, teamwork, focus, the application of best practices and meticulous tracking. Jerry has supported contract negotiation, requirements gathering, and development to deployment processes as a software development program manager reducing costs by $7+MM annually. Jerry has worked with over 20 businesses around the world delivering solutions satisfying legal, regulatory, and market requirements to enable continued revenue growth.

Jerry has been consulting after leaving Citi and has enjoyed successes in Change Management, Process Improvement, Overcoming Organizational Dysfunction, Conflict Management, and implementing PMO best practices.

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Jennifer Wong
Program Manager – Boeing Defense, Space & Security, Space & Intelligence Systems

TOPIC: Leading Innovation

SESSION ABSTRACT: For nearly 100 years, The Boeing Company has been a pioneer in aerospace and part of California’s aerospace history. From its first civilian airplane to its first spacecraft, the people of Boeing are continuing the company’s legacy of leading innovation. Boeing’s diverse business in California spans commercial aviation, military aircraft, new markets, and the world’s largest satellite design and manufacturing center.

Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems’ Jennifer Wong will discuss Boeing’s innovation of its satellite business, and the important roles that satellites play supporting such critical missions as earth sensing, mapping and monitoring; weather prediction; civilian and military communications; and space and interplanetary exploration. Wong will also discuss how Boeing is leading innovation of new satellite design and technologies in such areas as functionality, power, size and mass.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Jennifer Wong is a program manager for the Advanced Space & Intelligence Systems organization of Boeing Phantom Works, a division of Boeing Defense, Space & Security. Assigned to the Colony II Bus program, an advanced technology satellite, she is responsible for managing cost, schedule and technical baselines and program execution.

Prior to this role, Wong was the deputy program manager for a proprietary program and was responsible for deploying Boeing Program Management Best Practices and communicating lessons learned, tailored processes, and tools from rapid prototyping programs.

Before joining Advanced Space & Intelligence Systems, Wong served in the Advanced Boeing Military Aircraft organization where she held various leadership positions on such programs as the Phantom Ray and Phantom Eye Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Prior to this, Wong served as a business operations analyst for the Operations and Supplier Management organization of Phantom Works, and as a software quality engineering lead for the System of Systems Common Operating Environment effort of the Future Combat Systems program of Boeing Network and Space Systems.

Wong has a bachelor of science in Information Technology Systems from California State University, San Diego, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Irvine.

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Shelly Kang Wright
SVP of Operations and Business Development – Scorpion Computer Services

TOPIC: Justifying the Cost of Quality

SESSION ABSTRACT: Often in today’s Information Technology world, project managers find that there is a constant battle to justify the cost of quality to our stakeholders, management, and business partners. At the end of the day, companies often find software testing infrastructure, tools, and test cycles as a luxury or secondary to product delivery. This leaves the PM in the awkward scenario of balancing testing costs with the need to deliver. Justifying the Cost of Quality focuses on sharing proven techniques to enable program managers and projects managers the ability to justify the cost of quality assurance in a growingly complex project environment. You will learn how to calculate the ROI of testing, the value of various forms of testing, ways to decrease the time to production through proper test planning up front, and how to identify how much testing is enough for the project.

SPEAKER PROFILE: Shelly Kang Wright, PMP, CISA is the SVP of Operations and Business Development at Scorpion Computer Services and is engaged in the itSMF GLA LIG as the VP of Operations LA. Shelly also teaches the project management processes and quality assurance principles on behalf of the University of California – Irvine.

Shelly brings over fifteen years of corporate hands-on project, quality, and compliance management, and process improvement experience in medium and large fortune 500 enterprise business environments. Shelly is an avid speaker and is considered an expert in the topics of project management, business analysis, process improvement, quality and compliance efficiencies, tools and techniques.

Shelly has a proven track record in IT and business transformation, having partnered with corporate leaders across a wide spectrum and developed enterprise level solutions, optimized business processes, and achieved operational objectives while mitigating risks and quality/compliances exposures at companies such as Capital Group “The American Funds,” EarthLink Network Inc., Public Communication Services, and Kaiser Permanente.

Shelly holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. Shelly also holds certifications and industry training from Project Management Institute, Information Systems Audit and Control Association, IT Service Management, and New York Institute of Finance.