IT Professionals are presented with multiple conferences throughout the year that provide opportunities to develop industry knowledge, training, skills and leadership. What sets SoTeC apart from most other conferences is that it is organized by the same technology professionals who will benefit from attending the conference. Because the conference is organized by non-profit professional associations whose members volunteer their time, and because the speakers are also volunteers, SoTeC can provide these great benefits at a surprisingly affordable price:

Please accept our apologies for any disarray as we gear up for the 2016 Conference! We are working hard behind the scenes to build another great year of speakers and content to bring to you at our conference on Oct 14th and 15th, 2016.

Please come back periodically and check on new information on our keynotes, speakers, and panels.

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Note from the Chair:

“I invite you to attend the 16th Annual Southland Technology Conference (SoTeC) conference. SoTeC is a 100% volunteer run conference, staffed by representatives from 10 Southland professional organizations. We draw industry leaders and transformation experts to our conference. It is a ‘hidden gem’ of an event and you will be amazed with the quality of our keynotes, panelists and speakers who will focus on this year’s theme ‘Technology of Transformation’. We provide two full days of networking, learning and collaborating. You will be able to speak with leading industry experts who can guide you through the challenges of transformation. I look forward to your participation, and guarantee you will have FUN, LEARN and GROW your professional skills at SoTeC 2015.”

– Lori Shapiro, SoTeC 2015 Chair

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